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It's Not Like I Do Not Trust You Senator Graham…

But no one in their right mind trusts Donald Trump to negotiate in good faith or keep an agreement.  Trump whisperer Senator Lindsey Graham is telling the world that Trump and the Republicans are willing to negotiate on wall funding.

Graham says Republicans are going to put on the negotiating table ideas that Democrats have embraced in the past as a way to move past the current impasse and government shutdown over funding for the President’s wall, which Trump initially promised would be paid for by Mexico.

If memory serves, Democrats gave Trump $25 billion for that fuckin’ wall in exchange for DACA.  But Trump blew up that deal.  And then Trump blew up the latest deal to prevent a government shutdown.  And Trump has this nasty habit of fucking over anyone he has ever done a business deal with.

So why should House Democrats trust Trump now?

And even Claire MacCaskill said that Senate Democrats wear the equivalent of a “black armband” with regards to Senator Graham and his “bipartisan” efforts.

I do not know how any of this ends.