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It's NOT Hatred of Biden That Drives My Opposition to His Presidential Campaign.

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My opposition to Biden is not based upon hatred.  I’m seeing Biden supporters on Daily Kos throwing that charge around lately in the comments section.   I’ve even seen some complaints that anti-Biden Democrats would actually prefer Trump over Biden.  And it is always repeated as a mantra that anti-Biden Democrats like myself will take out our vengeance by not voting for Biden in the general election.  I won’t speak for others who oppose Biden.  But my opposition to Biden is based upon his policies, bad judgment, and failed political strategies.

Translation:  if Joe Biden gets the nod, the odds of Trump winning reelection increases dramatically.

And I will state for the millionth time that if Biden gets the nomination I will vote for him in the general election.  Do not put me in the same category as someone who didn’t like HIllary Clinton and voted for Jill Stein.  I have been a loyal Democrat all my life, and I am not a member of the Purity Police or whatever else you call sore losers who would prefer nihilism.

And in case you think this is something personal, I also do not like Hickenlooper, Delaney, Ryan, or Bennet.  Now what do they have in common?  Oh yeah, they are centrists.  And if any of them were the front runner, I would be passionately opposing them as well.

I have watched what passes for centrism for many decades now, and I’m sick of it.  Too often centrists are bought and paid for by corporations and the wealthy.  And the list of bipartisan bills they have helped to pass over the years have made things worse in this nation.  Ask yourself this question.  If centrism was so great and successful, how did we end up with Trump and the Republicans in charge? 

But here we are being given the same old centrists song and dance by Joe Biden, and he is the current front runner.  Now, as a progressive, do you really expect me to roll over and play dead?  Do you expect me to come to his defense when his faults and failures are brought up by many others?  Am I supposed to have a frown on my face when I read anti-Biden diaries?

I think Biden will be a terrible candidate, and I’m not going to apologize when I recommend diaries that point out Biden’s weaknesses and fumbles.  Biden is an experienced politician, and he should be better at his job.  

But the polls!  Biden is our strongest candidate!  All the polls say this.

Name recognition people.  And I won’t be stampeded into supporting a candidate because he or she is well known.  I’ve seen well known candidates fall by the way side.

But aren’t you gleeful Merlin when you see Biden take a hit?  Admit it!  You are just blind with your hatred for Biden!

If I hated Biden as much as some think, I would not be pledging to support the guy if he wins the nomination.  He would NOT be the first Democrat that I have held my nose while voting for.   As for glee, I feel some when I see that centrists are not getting their way.  I’m human.  I would be more gleeful if one of our progressive candidates demolishes the centrists running this year.

God, how awful I am.  I want progressives to win in the primaries.  And I don’t mind seeing the centrists do a face plant.

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