In a closely contested TV football game, viewers let out a relieved sigh, take a bathroom break, maybe grab a sandwich or a hand full of chips and take a deep breath, anticipating a conclusion.  I find myself unable to inhale cleanly after taking in the polluted brand of Republican justice. Representative Jim Jordan was upset and drew an analogy between Russians being arrested and not Joseph Mifsud in the most obvious— ‘what about’ moment in the first set of morning hearings. In the House Judiciary Hearings today, with Robert Mueller as the star witness, was Jordan defending the Russians who everyone agrees, with exception of the President, interfered with our election system?  

Mifsud is being painted by the Republicans as an asset [presumed by them of the FBI or other State actors] of a Western government to trap Trump campaign adviser, George Papadopoulos. The real question should be, “if a Trump campaign official received “dirt” from a foreign source about a U.S. presidential candidate; why did he not immediately contact the FBI?  It is easy for sycophants, such as Louie Gohmert (R-Tex.) or Matt Gaetz (R-Fl.) to further muddy the waters in the White House swamp.

There was no serious attempt at either analysis or review from the Republican Party in the House Judiciary Committee hearing this morning. As of this writing, the afternoon House Intelligence Committee hearings have not yet started. I expect a long-winded defense of the President from the Ranking Member of the Minority, Devin Nunes. The same man who most famously received and then pretended to pass along, what turned out to be false information in a subsequently revealed clandestine meeting at the White House to create a false narrative.  

Far beyond those who are preening for the camera, or performing for an audience of one, [a] Conservative wanting the truth would be a welcomed change. If you listen carefully, the Republicans on the committee never dispute the evidence, they attack the messenger. That would be like being afflicted with cancer and shooting the lab tech for revealing it. You may not like the information but attacking the person who is trying to save your life is not only fruitless but silly beyond reason.          

Every intelligence agency around the world has roundly condemned the Russian government for not only interfering in the American election but elections around the globe.  Yet the President of the United States has repeatedly alibied for Vladimir Putin with phrases like “extremely” and “powerful” denials or I don’t see “why he would…” The concentration from the beginning has been characterized as a collusion investigation, of which there is no judicial predicate, when in fact it should have been ‘corruption’ from the outset.  Examples are: Michael Flynn to whom the President was warned was engaging in illegal activity with two foreign governments; The use of financial contributions to cover up damning information about a sexual affair, that he [Trump] thought could have jeopardized his election. The concealing of murder by the Saudi Crown Prince and between 8 to 10,000 confirmed lies by both the Washington Post and the Toronto Star newspapers.

Essentially, we have a poor administrator, a possible accessory after the fact to murder and a liar as President, wake up Republicans, history will judge you someday if America survives.  

Vote in 2020 for Change.  

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