It'll be $3.5T, Big Pharma secrets revealed, Mandate argument neutered, Psaki tags GOP politicians

Bernie says it must be $3.5 Trillion. Big Pharma secret mRNA formula revealed. Jen Psaki laid waste to insurrectionist Republican politicians in answer.

Big Pharma may get neutered on the mRNA vaccines.


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  • Big Pharma Secrets Revealed as Group Uncovers Portion of Pfizer Vaccine Recipe.”This leaked contract teaches the world more about how to make mRNA vaccines than anything done by rich countries so far.” The document (pdf) analyzed by Public Citizen is an agreement that the European Commission reached with Pfizer and BioNTech last November to purchase 100 million doses of the companies’ mRNA vaccine, which was developed with the support of government funding and U.S. taxpayer-financed technology.
  • ‘It’s Gonna Be $3.5 Trillion’: Sanders Holds the Line Against Right-Wing Democrats. “That’s the compromise that’s already been made,” said Sen. Bernie Sanders. “The truth is $3.5 trillion is not enough.” Pushing back against conservative Democrats’ attempts to shrink the Build Back Better Act’s price tag, Sen. Bernie Sanders reiterated Tuesday night that anything less than $3.5 trillion is unacceptable.
  • Chuck Todd to anti-mandate rambling governor: What about the freedom of those who got vaccinated? Chuck Todd started the interview by soft balling Governor Asa Hutchinson. He told the governor he is in a difficult space since he believes in the vaccine but does not support vaccine mandates. Todd asked the governor if mandates are not all that is left.
  • Jen Psaki used a reporter’s question about General Milley to slam Republican insurrectionist politicians.
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  • September 15, 2021
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