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It Must be Said…

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There are misnomers in this great big wide country of ours. One is that non-voting minorities, young people and women, are responsible for the election of Donald Trump. Barack Obama was elected with unprecedented numbers of blacks, Latinos, and young people between 18-29.  That record-breaking support returned to normal levels in 2016 and immediately the knives came out with the pointy end aimed at the above-named groups. It must be said, the reason Donald Trump is President is that older white men could not abide by a woman following a black man as President of the United States.  

Setting aside—for a moment, the un-American efforts at voter suppression the onus once again is being placed on minorities, and young people, specifically Democratic black women. Rehashing the past election at this point is futile, but we cannot harvest from that same tree of blind ignorance. The excuses of worry over runaway debt, economic anxiety and cultural displacement no longer apply according to the Trump faithful; ‘Mr. Trump has made America Great Again.’  Interviews with white focus group after focus group claiming the country needed to pull the pin and blow it all up is anathema to conservatism. If conservatives really wanted to blow it all up to salvage the middle class, they would be solidly behind Senator Warren or Senator Sanders.

Blacks, Latinos, young people and now women are seeing the folly of Trump. A lot of this is because those groups are feeling emotional and discriminatory pain, but this eye-poking is acting as a rallying point for Trump’s white men. There are complicated polls and demographic and geographic studies that could be argued but a simple test for people of color is used to gauge the Trump cult of personality. Take any story involving Mr. Trump and insert the name, Obama. Give it a try: Candidate Obama spent campaign funds to quiet a porn star. President Obama sent an American “armada” in the wrong direction.  President Obama abandoned Christian Kurds on the Syrian/Turkish border.  

If this were a drinking game, we could fill clinics and AA meeting halls to capacity overnight.  The dishonesty of any Republicans who would tell you they would have the same doubts and complaints of “process” fairness were these Obama Impeachment inquiries is laughable. Had the neocons had their way Obama would have been impeached over Benghazi and brought up on charges of murdering Ambassador Christopher Stevens in his Senate trial.  The most famous of the eight Benghazi farce hearings were led by then Rep. Trey Gowdy and what arose from that was an endless email debate that legally led to nowhere.  It did lend itself to the means to an end for Republicans, muddying up former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s pantsuit.  

The handwringing over the approximate five-percentage point vote loss from Obama to Clinton across the board laid her defeat at the feet of every group except older white men.  Mr. Trump with all his bluster and ignorant posturing is smart enough to know that racism sells well in America, and the media is willing to play along. The 2020 election will not be a rejection of Democrats or a referendum on Donald Trump, it will be a referendum on America. We know what Donald Trump is now, he is an ill-informed, habitually lying, racist sympathizer. Funny that every group, with the exception of older white men, recognizes this; I wonder what that is all about?

Vote in 2020 for Change.            

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