It is a new year.  Trump’s days are specifically numbered.  Hope of effective Covid vaccines remain in the air.  And, yet . . . CNN reports that “At least 140 House Republicans to vote against counting electoral votes” for President-elect Joe Biden.  

Let that sink in for some time — because it really isn't being reported, as it should be, as the scandalous and utter breakdown of American democracy.  BTW, presently there are only 196 Republican House members and so that means that almost 72% of the Republican House membership is apparently signed on to this anti-democratic cabal to steal a US election.

I really don’t envy Joe Biden.  Obviously, his two most pressing problems are to contain and (hopefully) defeat Covid-19 and then to restore a devastated economy.  And he has the looming (ongoing) Climate Change crisis to address.  (Plus, some other things, right?)

But the fact is that he has to confront something equally threatening, and perhaps more so.  One of our two political parties has turned against democracy.  How is that not the story of the year?  And the way our original slave-holding political system was designed, it strongly enables their nihilistic, damaging threats.

As I said, I don't envy Pres. Biden. 

I’m also specifically not going to criticize or lament what many perceive as Biden’s myopia or outdated views on “bipartisanship.”  To date, I would say that he has handled the election and the transition masterfully.  And I find it hard to believe that he doesn't know what we all so plainly see.  So far, Biden has impressed and, who knows?, maybe he will be the right man for this moment.

But, I don't envy him or our country right now.