It is all Biden's fault.

Look, say Republican Senators.

“Biden wants respect and bipartisanship, so all we are asking for is that his nominees show us the respect we so rightly deserve.”

We therefore demand.

  • All nominees must agree with us, especially women with their own “ideas”.
  • All nominees must have been nice to us, especially uppity womenfolk.
  • Why hasn’t he nominated any white male Republicans?

Republicans are brilliant at collective amnesia and full of empathy for their own feelings.

Never has a party been so victimized!

Don’t women of colour know their place?

Us misogynist and racist? No, that’s only our base.

We have feelings too!

Have you not heard that it was pinko fascist lesbian feminists that lead the attack on the capital on the 6th of January, we demand respect!


Ted Cruz is probably an oil sucking Vampire.

Ron Johnson is a dick.

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