It appears we have a King. The New Pledge we are witnessing.

Oath of offices for republicans, disregarded by a sham Senate impeachment trial, apathy and unconcern and downright distraction from half of the voting public  and denial plus addiction is what 2020 looks like so far.  We have loyal followers of the so called King.   It is no longer All the president’s men but all the King’s men.

I pledge Allegiance to a man in the Divided States of America

and to the Republicans for which it stands, one nation under Trump without liberty and justice for all.

There it is.  That is the reality of the State of this country.   Trump inherited nothing but appears crowned himself and this appears more like an absolute monarchy.  

Monarchy. A monarchy is a government ruled by a king or a queen who inherits their position from their family, which is often called the “royal family.” There are two types of monarchies: absolute monarchies and constitutional monarchies. In an absolute monarchy, the ruler has no limits on their wishes or powers.

This is the beginning of a monarchy.   We witnessed paper towel throwing and monies distributed as the king wanted. Puerto Rico?  Paper towels.    Paper towels have been thrown to a ravaged territory that lived or died with no empathy or justice for Americans.   Borders?   Children in cages and families separated.    Our taxpaying dollars going to a man who has conned and cheated people from money all of his adult life.    He has court jesters and defenders in the kingdom.  Lies and falsely accusing people of integrity and disrespectful to the constitution.  A corrupt head of government, enabled by corrupt legislators and taxation without represenation for so many in this America.   No accountability and the ability to rig elections.   

The people will awaken when they don’t have a superbowl to watch, or cell phones to text or even a board such as this to vent, or access to freedom of speech.   We are beoming so enslaved and half of this country doesn’t even notice or care or demand action.   Do you still believe we are living in a democracy in a republic with a constitution?   Are we now part of Russia?  What are we if not a monarchy?  The media and other institutional arenas have been assaulted.  

NO ONE DARES TO CROSS THE KING IN THE REPUBLICAN PARTY?  Every American should ask, why is that?  No one can cross the King without a verbal attack.   We will find out what we are when the free and fair elections are no longer and the Ukraine request and Russia interference debacle has proven to be the norm for every foreign government to interfere in this country’s elections.

We need a leader..and I mean a movement leader to step up and lead this country out of bondage.

Most people do not even realize that more than 99 percent of the country is under oppression.   It is amazing what people are led to believe.   I have so many questions.   I had questions when I heard the 45th inauguration speech… SO DARK IT WAS.   I have questions of how so may people can be deceived and ignore the facts.   This is NOT about the 2016 election as republican followrs say,  when a King like head of state can boast that he has all the material relating to impeachment regarding the next election and the elected legislators of the Republican party, who is sworn to uphold the constitution is disenfrachising half of the people they are supposed to represent.  

We are here.   This is it.  Someone needs to be another Ghandi, MLK, Rosa Parks, Nelson Mandela, or Moses.  Who will that be?  We need to search them out and reclaim the United States of America as I fear voting them in just may be too late.  I don’t know who that person is to lead us out of this quagmire, but I know someone has to rise to the duty and Freedom loving Americans not caught up under the spell of a reality actor needs to support and take the country back.   That is the answer and if we don’t, we will for generations to come be under the thumb of madmen and women.  Trump is creating a dynasty and did so when he brought his family into our government.

I am not clairvoyant but common sense tells me All Hell is about to break loose in this country and it will be here sooner than most think.  I suspect after November no matter who is elected because a divided country cannot stand.   We will think back of the good ole days and wish we had done something but it will be then too late.   This is a war on democracy.  If people cannot see that, then we are in for very very hard times.…

 The Constitutional Convention of 1787 were held in strict secrecy. Consequently, anxious citizens gathered outside Independence Hall when the proceedings ended in order to learn what had been produced behind closed doors. The answer was provided immediately. A Mrs. Powel of Philadelphia asked Benjamin Franklin, “Well, Doctor, what have we got, a republic or a monarchy?” With no hesitation whatsoever, Franklin responded, “A republic, if you can keep it.” (Benjamin Franklin) 

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