Is Trump Tweeting About His Economy, or the U.S. Economy?

Cheeto Mussolini is up early this morning and thinking about what else he could do to screw over the U.S.  — he came up with this….


Now, I’m no expert on economic theory, but I do know that the Fed uses modest increases in the lending rates to prevent inflation when the economy is growing and unemployment is low.

GDP growth has slowed in the last couple of quarters, it is true, but Trump’s trade war and tariffs are responsible for that, and a change in interest rates would likely do little to offset lost markets and customers.

But the debt-ridden not-a-billionaire would benefit greatly if interest rates fall to 0% “or less” —  what I am less sure about is what effect a lowering of rates would have on our overall economy in the current environment.

Like I say, I am not an economist.

Any thoughts?