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Is This True What I Hear About Latino Voters?

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True or False:  Latino voters are not going to show up in the midterm election and throw several Congressional and Senate contests to the Republicans?  I ask this because I have no insider knowledge on Latinos, but I’m hearing, seeing, and reading about the collective shrug from Latinos from the like of NPR, MSNBC, and the Huffington Post.  Is this an SOS from Latino activists?

Two things on Huffington Post:

The Nevada Senate Race Was Supposed to be Easier for Democrats.

Democrats Have Only Themselves to Blame for Low Latino Support.

My only beef is with one section of the second article on the Huffington Post;

Evidence of a lack of investment in Latino outreach and infrastructure can be found by taking a look at immigration issues. For years (if not decades), Democrats and their allies have had to be convinced time and time again that immigration reform is a sizable and worthwhile investment that will translate to political support or votes in the long term. But we’ve still yet to see any significant victory on the subject, even after candidates have finally started prioritizing immigration in recent years.

Um, did the author fail to notice that Democrats do NOT control the House, U.S. Senate, and White House?  It’s kind of hard to have any victories when you are in the political minority.  Seriously.

Does it excuse past Democratic failures when they were in control?  Nope.  But Democrats cannot do much of anything while Republicans control the House and U.S. Senate.  And Trump ain’t going any where any time soon.  Therefore, Democrats need to gain control of one of the branches of government.

Are Democrats not doing enough outreach to Latinos?  I bet that is the case.  Democrats are on a good day a “work in progress.”  And, yes, you need a positive agenda to get people energized.  But please remember folks, Democrats LOST in 2016.  We were maybe poised for some Senate gains, and they all disappeared.  And now, we have Trump.

Do Latinos think they will get a better deal from Trump with Republicans guarding his back all the time?

So is this real that Latinos will go, “Screw this.  I’m staying home.”?  Or is the Media with some assist from friendly venues like Huffington Post just wanting to change a narrative?  Hell if I know because I’m not Latino, so I’m not plugged into the Latino community.

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