Is this the dumbest Trump supporter on the planet?

I’ve never been in a cult. For one thing, the accommodations always seem unduly rustic. And very few cults allow one to skip mass suicides if you’re invited to a fondue party that night. So, no, not for me.

Which is why I’m not a Trumpite, I suppose.

But you know who is? Well, this guy, who got ripped off by Trump University and is still a HUGE Trump supporter.

The Washington Post:

The questionable tactics used by Trump University did not diminish some former students’ opinions of him, any more than political setbacks have upset his base. Some interviewed for this report said Trump’s political record was good enough to outweigh their bad experience at Trump University.
“Trump 2020!” said Michael Sheehan of New York state.
In 2009, Sheehan paid $1,495 to attend a three-day Trump University seminar at a Marriott in Albany, N.Y. — then discovered it was one long sales pitch for more-expensive programs. “Trump was a big sham,” Sheehan wrote in 2012, summing up his experience in a court affidavit.

Uh … what?

The excerpt is from a story in today’s Post looking back at Trump’s sham university and how his shrieking, shambolic defense of it presaged his performance as president. Just as he attempted to spin, attack, and insult his way out of the legal trouble he found himself in over Trump University — and the political baggage that trouble morphed into in 2016 — he’s done the same with his response to the coronavirus crisis.

In other words, we should have seen this coming. Just as he screwed Trump University students, he’s screwing us all now — and refusing to take any blame, of course.

The saga of Trump University showed how far Trump would go to deny, rather than fix, a problem, they said — a tactic they have now seen him reuse as president many times, including now, in the face of a worsening pandemic. For months, President Trump promised something wonderful but extremely unlikely — that the virus would soon disappear.
John Brown, a former Trump University student from New York, said he understands why some people believed him.
“This is how people get sucked [in]. Because they want it,” Brown said. “That’s what happened to me.” He wanted to succeed so badly that he paid $25,000 for a Trump University “mentorship” program, which left him deeply disappointed.

Deeply disappointed. Well, I never felt that way with regard to Trump, but then I never believed a fucking thing that spilled from his lie-hole.

But many people, like Michael Sheehan, did — and do.

And I really can’t imagine why. Or how.

Hopefully, enough good and honest people feel sufficiently ripped off in November to turn this shit barge around.

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