hu·man traf·fick·ing

the action or practice of illegally transporting people from one country or area to another, typically for the purposes of forced labor or sexual exploitation.

You’ll notice that nowhere in that definition does the word profit appear, although that is normally the sole reason for the exercise in the first place. All it speaks of is illegally transporting people from one place to another for the purpose of exploitation. That is defined as human trafficking.
Normally, the way it works is that human smugglers, called “coyotes,” pick up immigrants in Mexico and transport them over the border, turning them over to contacts on the US side of the border. The contacts then move the immigrants along, eventually dealing them out like cards in a poker hand to suffer their fate. Everybody gets paid.
In Trump’s America, anybody who crosses the border from Mexico to the United States without proper paperwork, regardless of the reason, is entering the country illegally. And if they bring their minor children across with them, then they have just illegally transported someone across the border. The reason that they’re not charged with human trafficking is that they had no intention of exploiting them.
But that’s where the Department of Homeland Security comes in. Their Customs and Border Patrol agents are forcibly removing these minor children from their parents care and custody, and detaining them. At some point, they are turned over to the Health and Human Services department, which hands them over to their Office of Refugee Resettlement department, which farms them out to agencies and contractors, whom if congressional testimony and documentation today are proven true, make Jeffrey Epstein look like a piker. To quote from the USA Today from a couple of hours ago;
In the past four years, 4,556 children said they were sexually assaulted while in the care of Health and Human Services’ Office of Refugee Resettlement, which takes custody of unaccompanied minors who cross the southern border alone and those who are separated from their families.
Let’s g back to the definition above. You have parents illegally, a;though unknowingly transporting their children across the border, unaware of their possible future sexual exploitation. Then you have DHS willfully ripping those children away from their parents, and giving them to HHS, who we’ll say unwittingly, but with ab incredibly callous and indifferent attitude, are turning them over to sexual predators who are further abusing and traumatizing already traumatized children. You have children being illegally transported across the border for purposes of sexual exploitation. Intentionally or not, that fits the definition of human trafficking.
Clearly, this cannot continue, nor can it be allowed to continue. The immediate impact of the revelations in today’s House hearing should be the immediate resignations of both HHS Secretary Alex Azar, as well as DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen. If the name Alex Azar sounds familiar, it should. Azar is the soulless ghoul, who as US Attorney in Florida, crafted the insanely generous plea deal that allowed the above mentioned Jeffrey Epstein to skate scot free on serially abusing a minimum of dozens of under aged girls for years. Isn’t it funny how his name keeps coming up in conjunction with this particular activity?
But just as importantly, what should be the mandatory next step in the House is to hold exhaustive hearings on the practices and policies that HHS uses to certify these organizations and groups that are caring for these children. And congress had better not hear one goddamned word of excuse from some pencil pushing idjits that they had to staff up quickly on an emergency basis because of the sudden inflow of unaccompanied children. Not when it was the Trump administration that caused the sudden influx in the first place.
There is no rational excuse for this. Those children have already traveled a couple of thousand miles, mostly on foot. And for the most part, they have no idea of where they’re actually going, or why, they’re following their parents.And when they finally get here, tired, footsore, and hungry, not only are they not welcomed in, instead they are ripped from their parents arms, and eventually handed over to a bunch of real life Freddie Kruger’s to play with. Freddie Kruger’s who just happen to be getting paid by the United States government to abuse children. This has to stop. Yesterday.

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  • February 26, 2019
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