is the Second Wave already underway? Regardless, Trump will trade your life for the economy


Bloomberg has declared a second wave even before the first has achieved a trough in the US for any new uptick. South America and Africa remain in their first wave and have yet to reach a peak.

Remember that the current recession began before the COVID-19 outbreak, and that Trump’s narrowing path to the bunker requires chaos and violence to divert attention from all those contradictions.


A second wave now appears underway in the U.S. And it’s just as capricious as the first.

Texas, California, Florida and Alabama all are among states where infections and hospitalizations are hitting new highs. A slowly growing national case load masks raging local hot spots, with wide differences in infection rates even within states. Health experts say it’s too soon to tell whether the massive protests against police brutality that have erupted in the past two weeks have led to more infections. But there have been scattered reports, including members of the D.C. National Guard that responded to protests testing positive.


The fresh onslaught is bringing new challenges for U.S. residents and the economy.

The prospect of a new wave of suffering without a unified national plan to address it could spook investors and depress a stock market that has been relatively immune to the economic and medical repercussions of the pandemic.

A resurgence of the disease later this year could complicate the presidential campaign still further, throwing the process of voting itself into chaos.…



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