Is the DCCC the Cleveland Browns of Politics?


I’m sorry, I can’t even get angry any more.  The people at the DCCC (and the DNC) are just so inept they give the front office of the (0-16) Cleveland Browns a run for their money. So I’m sure many of you have heard about the DCCC getting involved in the Texas 7 primary.   The DCCC did an information dump on the most progressive candidate in the primary. There was a diary on it here yesterday and it has been showing up all over the place. The funny thing is I don’t think they were wrong about her chances. Not because she was too progressive but because she actually wrote she’d rather have her teeth pulled than live in Texas in an article. I lived in Texas for seven years. Texas is its own country, even for the most progressive people. They love their rodeo, their BarBQ (which they consider better than Kansas City), their Chinese food (which they consider better than China), their Hill Country (which they consider better than the Swiss Alps) and their TexMex (which is actually the best in the world). This woman would have never had a chance.

But, instead of getting the article she wrote to somebody through some backchannel (and it almost certainly would have come out anyway), they put up a big neon sign flashing we are putting our finger on the scale because this woman is too progressive for Texas 7, and then did high fives all around, when they released the article, inevitably alienating a whole lot of progressive and taking a sledge hammer to democratic unity.  It’s like their a bunch of twelve year old boys (I don’t even think twelve year old girls would be this stupid).  It was an own goal and then running around the field celebrating. Atnd it’s not like these guys are master game theorists, brilliant strategists pulling rabbits out of the hat.  Everything the DCCC touches in politics in reverse midas — turns to sh-t.  In the words of the great Casey Stengel, “Can’t anybody here play this game?

Nancy Pelosi better find out how the Cleveland Browns front office took control of the DCCC and get rid of them.  I don’t want to go 0-16.