Conservative “never-Trumper” Jennifer Rubin tells us that the electorate needs to be reminded how ignorant Trump is, how he will never get any better, and more likely is getting worse. This seems uncontroversial to rational human beings, and only gets daily reconfirmation with each new Trump screw-up. Her complaint does seem more directed at MSM, who are still hedging their corporate bets that Trump could still win in November.


We know how this came to be. He’s not much for reading. He becomes impatient when experts try to explain things to him. And he spends his day watching Fox News, a fount of scare-mongering about immigrants and climate change denial. (Disclosure: I am an MSNBC contributor.) Add in his aversion to anything he reads in mainstream media outlets, and you have a president who knows less about the world than the average college freshman.

I raise this not merely to deride him or to damn his enablers, who think they can manipulate an empty-headed president, or to shame his base that revels in anti-intellectualism. I raise this to ask Democrats: Why aren’t you making a much bigger deal of this?

Democrats, rather than (or in addition to) doling out insults about his appearance, vanity and efforts to inflate his wealth (as former New York mayor Mike Bloomberg does), should start making the case that Trump is just too gullible and ignorant to be president.…



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