Eugene Robinson’s article “The United States is a country to be pitied” should be a wakeup call to many. Many of our peers around the world have held us up to a silent pity for some time. How can the country that professes to be the world's leader set itself on a path of self-destruction with the elevation of one terrible leader & his cabal?

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The United States is a country to be pitied – The Washington Post

Only a handful of nations on Earth have arguably done a worse job of handling the coronavirus pandemic than the United States. What has happened to us? How did we become so dysfunctional? When did we become so incompetent?

The shocking and deadly failures by President Trump and his administration have been well documented — we didn’t isolate, we didn’t test, we didn’t contact trace, we waited too long to lock down. But Trump’s gross unfitness is only part of the problem. The phrase “American exceptionalism” has always meant different things to different people — that this nation should be admired, or perhaps that it should be feared. Not until now, at least in my lifetime, has it suggested that the United States should be pitied.

No amount of patriotism or pride can change the appalling facts. The pandemic is acting as a stress test for societies around the world, and ours is in danger of failing.

Source: The United States is a country to be pitied – The Washington Post

But we need not be in a state of despair. America is still a representative democracy and we still have one person one vote. We must start using that power intelligently and not allow those who profit and benefit from a country in a state of chaos succeed.  That starts with self-empowerment, thinking on our own based on inputs we get from our entire surroundings.

We can yet climb out of this pit if we choose to do it. Otherwise the masses succumb to the known fate, pain, and a permanent state of indentured servitude to those who conquered from their misinformation, false fears, and other society debilitating techniques.

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