As the GOP becomes more unhinged and terrified of the ideas of Elizabeth Warren and AOC it is becoming more we are in an irony blood bath. But the Cheney’s are a special case. No, I mean really a special case. Dick Cheney was such a miscreant and embarrassment to the United State that one of our primary social comedians, Adam McKay, he of the Big Short made a docudrama about him which was also of course a dark comedy (about as dark as you get). The thing is he did not even have to add little touches to make it a comedy like he did with the Big Short. Dick Cheney was, is and always will be a national humiliation. And Donald Trump is not going to make that disappear no matter how hard he tries.  Then his unqualified daughter gets a seat in Congress riding the clown’s coattails. I don’t think even Adam McKay would handle that.

And now this unqualified daughter of a mechanical, vicious Oompa Lumpa who Charlie must have thrown out of the chocolate factory is saying the self made, brilliant, courageous Elizabeth Warren is a laughing stock and Jake (what kind of raise can I get by protecting rich people’s money, including my own) Tapper is just sitting there nodding along.

I knew irony. Irony was a friend of mine. And irony has a message from the grave for both Cheney and Tapper. Go f*ch yourself.

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