Even though Joe Biden’s exposure has been limited of late while Donald Trump hosts a daily Corona Clown Show, Biden has extended his lead over the pr*sident in the latest Ipsos/Reuters poll of three key Midwestern battleground states.


The poll, which ran from April 15-20 in Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, showed 45% of registered voters said they would support Biden, the presumptive Democratic nominee, while 39% said they would support Trump.

It also found that Biden, vice president under Trump’s predecessor Barack Obama, has an advantage of 3 percentage points among registered voters in Wisconsin, 6 points in Pennsylvania and 8 points in Michigan.

As we all remember and have seared into our memories like a rancid shrimp cocktail we ate on one woebegone New Year’s Eve in the early aughts, Trump won those states by fewer than 80,000 votes combined in 2016 — or 10,704 in Michigan, 46,765 in Pennsylvania, and 22,177 in Michigan. If he loses those same states in the next election, it will be virtually impossible for him to score another Electoral College victory. 

The Ipsos poll shows Biden has maintained or slightly improved his lead over Trump in those states over the past few months, even though his campaign and the presidential primaries have been sidelined by the coronavirus pandemic. The United States has the most confirmed cases and deaths in the world with at least 821,000 people infected and at least 46,000 deaths.

Biden’s advantage in Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania over Trump averaged 3 to 4 percentage points in February and March, according to an aggregation of survey results by Real Clear Politics.

I’m a native Badger who now lives on the West Coast, and if Trump wins my home state again I may not stop vomiting until the heat death of the universe. So this is pretty important to me.

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Things are looking up for Democrats in November, but we need to keep our foot on the gas pedal to ensure a salubrious, non-vomity outcome.


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