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Ipsos Debate Poll Shows Small Movement Toward Biden


After what is generally characterized as the worse debate among presidential contenders ever, 538 shows slight movement toward Joe Biden.

We once again partnered with Ipsos to track how the debate affected Americans’ views of the election, using Ipsos’s KnowledgePanel to interview the same group of people both before and after the debate. The topline is clear: Americans were not impressed with the President’s performance. Whether that will actually lead people to change their votes remains to be seen, though it seems unlikely.

The Ipsos poll showed that 66.2% of the panel thought that Trump performed poorly during the debate and 32.9% thought he performed well. Biden was rated as performing well by 59.7% and poorly by 39.1%.

On their policy positions, 39.1% liked Trump’s explanations and 57.4% disliked them. Biden scored 56.6% who liked his policy positions as opposed tp 39.2% who disliked.

Among the voters interviewed by Ipsos, Trump’s approval rate dropped from 37% to 36%. His disapproval rate increased from 60% to 62%.

Biden, however, increased his approval rate from 49% to 52% and his disapproval rate dropped from 47% to 45%.

… the gap between Biden and Trump’s net favorability (favorable rating minus unfavorable rating) grew even larger, from 26 points to 33 points.

The presidential race is locked into a narrow range. Biden has a clear lead of seven to ten points, and even the Rasmussen Poll shows Biden leading nationally by 8%. So it is somewhat pleasing to see Trump throw away one opportunity to make up some ground even if done in a most disgusting manner.