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Iowa's Biggest Newspaper, The Des Moines Register, Endorses Elizabeth Warren In The Dem Primary

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Some big news out of Iowa today courtesy of the Des Moines Register:

The Des Moines Register editorial board endorses Elizabeth Warren in the 2020 Iowa Democratic caucuses as the best leader for these times.

The senior U.S. senator from Massachusetts is not the radical some perceive her to be. She was a registered Republican until 1996. She is a capitalist. “I love what markets can do,” she said. “They are what make us rich, they are what create opportunity.”

But she wants fair markets, with rules and accountability. She wants a government that works for people, not one corrupted by cash.

A former Harvard professor and expert in bankruptcy law, she helped set up the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. The agency was specifically designed to prevent a repeat of the banking crisis and look out for little guys swindled by lenders and credit card companies.

She believes government should actively work to prevent and respond to abusive practices that jeopardize individuals and the country’s economy.

Warren doesn’t measure the health of the economy by looking at the stock market or an unemployment rate that doesn’t count the longtime jobless or chronically underemployed. She measures it by how working families are doing. Many are not doing well, and Warren seeks major reforms to help them.

A qualification: Some of her ideas for “big, structural change” go too far. This board could not endorse the wholesale overhaul of corporate governance or cumulative levels of taxation she proposes. While the board has long supported single-payer health insurance, it believes a gradual transition is the more realistic approach. But Warren is pushing in the right direction.

She believes access to health care is a human right.

She would make climate change a top priority and use her executive power to roll back Trump administration policies that prop up fossil fuels.

She says corporations should have less Washington influence, children should be protected from gun violence, child care should be affordable, immigrants deserve compassion, mass incarceration should end and the wealthy should pay more in taxes.

Those ideas are not radical. They are right. They would improve life in America, and they are generally shared by the other Democratic candidates, who bring their own strengths to this race.

By the way, here’s why this is a big deal:


By the way, Warren’s been hitting the airwaves in Iowa:

Elizabeth Warren just released a new TV ad featuring commentators voters know, recognize, and trust from TV reporting that Donald Trump fears her the most among all the Democratic candidates.

Watch Warren's new TV ad here. Then, can you chip in $3 to get it on the air in the runup to voting in Iowa and New Hampshire?

The New York Times reports that surveys show “corruption is one of the public’s top worries…It’s a cross-partisan concern too, spanning Democrats, Republicans and independents.”

USA Today reports that “by 22 percentage points (57 to 35%), more Americans say Trump has committed a crime as president — and the margin is an overwhelming 30 points for independents (55 to 25%)”

With Elizabeth Warren's fierce willingness to fight and her putting corruption at the center of her plans to bring progressive change to Washington, it's no wonder Trump's terrified, as these clips MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell and other news personalities in the TV ad show:

“The president is concerned about running against Elizabeth Warren…”

“He fears Elizabeth Warren most…”

“They see her as a threat…”

Watch Elizabeth Warren's new TV ad here. Then, can you chip in $3 to get it on the air in the runup to voting in Iowa and New Hampshire?

Thanks for being a bold progressive.

— The PCCC Elections Team

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