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I may be a little late to the party, but I have just gotten through the first two episodes of Inventing Anna on Netflix. Anna is a self-absorbed faux socialite bent on using her friends, the press, and anyone with a Centurion Amex card for power. Early in their interview session, an intrepid reporter unearths the secret to Anna when she asks; you want to be famous? With early voting underway in the race for the Senator from Georgia, Herschel Walker shows all the signs of his own Netflix series—Inventing Herschel. No one really knows Anna, and as it turns out, no one really knows Herschel. Once the lights and glamour of his football career dimmed, Mr. Walker claimed a new life. He says he was the valedictorian of his high school class and graduated with honors from the University of Georgia. Walker claimed to have supervised six hospitals and worked for the FBI, which turned out to be a voluntary weeklong training program at Quantico. He also claimed to be a sheriff’s deputy—with a badge to prove it (just ask him).

Mr. Walker has perched himself at the edge of Mt. GOP, ready to leap, carrying the inspired lies of the party to a glorious splat. He has quickly picked up the strategies, denying everything, denying the obvious, and denying the facts. Walker donned a pair of glasses, ala Rick Perry, feigning intellectualism at his debate with his Democratic opponent Senator Raphael Warnock. It was surprising, Mr. Walker even admitted he needed glasses; after all, he is the inventor of a spray that kills the coronavirus. Georgia voters have a clear choice, someone they know is delusional at best and a liar at worst, as opposed to Senator Warnock.

The horse blinders on the GOP are so opaque that they cannot even see ahead of them. For months the GOP has claimed that Nancy Pelosi was derelict on January 6. The video we all saw last Thursday showed Speaker Pelosi flanked by leaders of the GOP, Mitch McConnell, Kevin McCarthy, and Steve Scalise, in rapt attention,  hoping her multiple calls, threats, and belligerence would save them. Yet still, they have pledged to hold hearings should they recapture the House in November, accusing Ms. Pelosi of not seeking help. Of course, lying in the face of facts has become the GOP mantra. The insurrection started because of a lie, the strategy of over 299 GOP candidates in November is centered around a lie, and their preferred candidate—in 2024 has a resume of over thirty-thousand proven lies.

Walker finally admitted that the 700 dollar check to the mother of one of his children (a woman he stated he did not know) did bear his signature, but despite her clinic receipt and a get-well card, he still says the money was not for an abortion. The same woman who eventually did have a child with Walker sued him in 2013 for child support. Walker claims to have millions but said he only made 140,000 a year. It is possible Herschel Walker may win; if so, stay tuned; Netflix is waiting.

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  • October 17, 2022