There is a lot of media hand-wringing over a little mind with tiny thoughts who has been elevated into a big political voice by the liberal press. Fox News propagandist Tucker Carlson, a distant heir to the Swanson frozen-food fortune, is as slimy and indigestible as a pile of cream chip beef on toast (ask your veteran grandparent). The Fox News host has most of the liberal media in a tizzy. It has gotten to be an almost nightly event of being subjected to the blank incredulous stare of Carlson while liberal news anchors tell us what we already know, Tucker is an intemperate liar. He runs a clown show of disrespect to his viewers, substituting truth with pillow sales, stamps, bibles, and gold.

Tucker has as much as admitted that he is a shill and a liar.

Former Playboy model Karen McDougal was accused by Mr. Carlson as having extorted Donald Trump and stated it as fact, Remember the facts of the story. These are undisputed, said Carlson. Meanwhile, his lawyers in agreement with a judge stated, The  “general tenor' of the show should then inform a viewer that [Carlson] is not 'stating actual facts’ about the topics he discusses and is instead engaging in 'exaggeration' and 'non-literal commentary.”’  I admit there is some hypocrisy to this column decrying others for what I am doing myself. In this case,  writing about someone destined for the dust bin of insignificant history is a conundrum. Ignoring a liar until he or she becomes a danger may find us one day standing on the steps of the Capitol against poles, bats, and bear spray. Recently clips surfaced of Carlson, dressed like John-Boy on his way to milk the cow, interviewing the author of the debunked book The Bell Curve. Carlson not wanting to stray too far from his image as a sophisticate made sure to have an acrylic desk reflecting the light of his polished little log cabin.

One of the co-authors of this drivel, Charles Murray, proffers that ‘blacks’ blaming whites for their plight will in turn force or persuade white people to create laws to their benefit. Talk about a walking billboard for the need for Critical Race Theory, Charles Murray should be on a recruiting poster. I suppose Jim Crow laws, separate but equal, and the denial of voting rights escaped his research umbrella.

I bring up Mr. Carlson’s embrace of Murray as a warning. Carlson commands a large audience much like the audience that still believes Biden lost the presidential election and Donald Trump will be reinstated on August 13th. They have proven to be driven, unbothered by truth, and violent. Liberals, unfortunately, are contributing with complacency. The curse of Democratic liberalism currently is logic, reliance on the system, and the hope that Republican fascism will disappear. Over 500 people have been arrested for the January 6 insurrection and those who are still free, promise a return. I am baffled that Democrats will wear the characters off their laptops and smartphones with tweets but will not wear out the soles of their shoes. The reported 8 thousand who showed up at the Capitol steps in January should be dwarfed by 8 million peacefully marching those same streets who want fascism out of our government.  I am a black man, I am a voter, I am justifiably angry and I want the America promised, back.  

Continue to Vote for Change.  

  • July 7, 2021
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