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Indivisble Launching Ads Against Conservative Democrat Josh Gottheimer of NJ.

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This got some news on TRMS:  

Indivisible Project Launches 5-Figure Ad Buy Urging Constituents to Hold Rep. Josh Gottheimer Accountable

I don’t live in his district or NJ, so maybe someone from Gottheimer’s district will want to comment on this development.  But I have never been a fan of conservative or Blue Dog Democrats.  And this previous news item doesn’t give me the warm fuzzies for him:

Amid reports of widespread abuse in detention centers, Rep. Josh Gottheimer (D-N.J.) led a revolt of 18 conservative Democrats. If House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) didn’t give up a slate of humanitarian protections for migrants, Gottheimer’s faction would blow up a key border funding bill.

And according to that Huffington Post article, Gottheimer’s actions on this issue earned him a primary challenger:  Arati Krebeich.

Some, especially those in deep with the Democratic establishment, will bemoan these developments as “divisive.”  I can hear it now that we should not be the “purity police,” or now is not the time to stay united against the common enemy of Trump.  But Gottheimer did not remain united with the rest of the Democratic Party or the base against Trump on his inhumane treatment of immigrants on the border.  If his constituents can do better with another Democrat, I have no problem with that.  And if his constituents decide to stick with Gottheimer, it is their choice.

And I’m sure this is where we will also hear comparisons between progressives and the Republican Tea Party. 


Republicans fear their base.  Democrats do not fear progressives. If they did, we would not have all those centrists running in the Democratic presidential race or in other contests. 

Besides, when did locking kids in cages become OK with Democrats?  Did I miss something?  When Democrats act immorally, shouldn’t they be held to account?

If voters have a viable alternative to an incumbent who sides with Trump, why shouldn’t they be reminded of this?  It’s called democracy.  And holding politicians accountable is what voters are supposed to do.

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