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Individual-1 still doesn't need to know who the whistleblower(s) are

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At 1032 pm, Dear Leader tweeted another pathetic taunt in order to divert attention from the impeachment.

Even if Republicans are really fine with a President who tries to get help from a foreign government in his reelection, they cannot be fine with this.

If a President can unilaterally say “I’m going to gag witnesses and information from Congress in impeachment proceedings because I feel they are unfair” we are reading these clauses out of the Constitution.

And we are back where we started, at page 1: it would undo the only check on a President who abuses his powers and puts his interests over the American people – impeachment.

Trump got away with obstruction in Mueller because that was criminal, and his guy Barr cleared him.

This is different; it’s a crime against the American people. He doesn’t have an AG to protect him.

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