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Individual-1 has another rally… this time in Dallas – Beto has a rally across town


There’s a Beto counter-rally (above) about 14 miles away from the Trump rally in Dallas at the American Airways Center (image below).

At the Trump rally there are more than a few riffs on today’s craziness with Turkey and #Trumpeachment

Daniel Dale tweets the fact-checks below. 

This is the American Airlines Center, note the signature Trump runway and the KAG on the screen which allows you to differentiate it from the crowd shot in the title image from the #RallyAgainstFear The Theater in Grand Prairie TX with Beto O'Rourke. 

  • There is an announcement that Trump will be coming out in 20 minutes: “Get in your seats, Texas, you got seats to fill.” 
  • Trump is at least 37 minutes late. The crowd is dancing to Macho Man again. 
  • Trump has begun. He touts the opening of the new Louis Vuitton plant he visited, says “there's never been a better time to be a proud American,” and touts the job growth in the country and in Texas. 
  • Trump calls Democrats “hateful and enraged.” He adds, “Crazy. They're crazy. They're crazy.” 
  • Trump: “At stake in this fight is the survival of American democracy itself.” He says he no longer believes the Democrats love America. 
  • Trump has learned that Schiff has immunity for his comments at committee, for which Trump repeatedly called for Schiff to be prosecuted. He says Schiff should not have immunity, but he has stopped calling for prosecution now that he has been told about the immunity. 
  • Trump again uses a tree metaphor in arguing for his re-election: “You plant a baby tree. It's gotta catch. Get that extra time — we'll have more tax cuts.” 
  • Trump accuses Democrats of wanting to “indoctrinate our children.” He says he knows “from personal experience”: children come home and say “Mommy, Daddy, this is what I learned,” and “you're going, Oh, no, don't tell me.” 
  • After reciting a list of accusations against Democrats, Trump says, “If they didn't hate our country, they wouldn't be doing this to our country.” He goes on to say his wall is “going up rapidly,” though no additional miles had been built as of the beginning of October. 
  • Trump says he won't disparage media tonight: “I'm going to say, 'You're legitimate media.'” He then adds, “I don't actually mean that.” He then talks about how the Academy Awards is now a failed enterprise because “it had stupid people” who criticized Trump. 
  • Trump repeated his claim that all of the Democrats wanted a wall five years ago. Democrats did support Republican demands for fencing in the comprehensive immigration reform bill six years ago, but in exchange for things like a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants. 
  • Trump: “I will never allow the IRS to be used as a political weapon — except in the case of myself, where they use it against me.” This is another case of him ad-lib-inserting nonsense about himself into a prepared text about other people. 
  • After criticizing Beto O'Rourke's proposals on guns and on churches' tax-exempt status, Trump boasts that he was the only one who noticed O'Rourke's hand and arm gestures. “Nobody noticed it. I noticed it. The flailer.” 
  • “She's nuts,” Trump says of Nancy Pelosi. He criticizes Democrats' subpoenas. He claims a commentator who “doesn't like us” said “I've never seen anyone hand out so many subpoenas.” He doesn't name the commentator but claims they are “standing right there.” 
  • Trump says that foreign leaders, including “dictators” who don't like to go by the title dictator, always tell him, “Sir, congratulations, sir, on what you've done.” That story usually has only one Sir. 
  • Trump with some of his most aggressive words about unmasking the federally protected whistleblower: “Who is the whistleblower? Who is the whistleblower? We have to know! Is the whistleblower a spy?” 
  • For at least the 22nd time in the last two-and-a-half weeks, Trump falsely says, “The whistleblower got it all wrong.” The whistleblower was highly accurate. We know this because of the rough transcript released by the White House itself. 
  • Trump bashes CNN for calling his claim that Hunter Biden got $1.5 billion from China “unsubstantiated.” It is unsubstantiated. A conservative author said the company was looking to raise that much, but Biden's lawyer says it got only $4 million. 
  • Trump is wrongly suggesting that there's something nefarious about the video in which Biden boasted of pressuring Ukraine to get rid of a prosecutor widely thought to be ineffective or corrupt. “That's what you call quid pro quo,” Trump says. 
  • Trump falsely says China has never spent more than $20 billion in a year on US agriculture. It spent $25.9 billion in 2012. Trump usually says it never spent more than $16 billion. 
  • Trump is saying his usual false things about how tariffs have cost Americans “nothing” and China is “eating” all of them. 
  • Trump claims the US trade deficit with China was $500 billion for years (“we lose $500 billion”). The trade deficit with China has never been $500 billion. “We lose with everybody,” Trump adds, though the US long had trade surpluses with dozens of countries. 
  • Trump after bashing Hunter Biden's China business dealings after flying there on Air Force Two: Can you imagine if Donald Trump Jr., Eric Trump or Ivanka Trump? (He trails off.) 
  • Trump on the Bidens: “You-know-what and pillage. It's the R-word. You-know-what and pillage. You know what word I'm talking about, right? I don't want to use it 'cause they'll say it's a horrible word that Trump used.” No evidence Joe Biden ever profited from his son's dealings. 
  • Trump calls Rep. Louie Gohmert “a man who is smart as hell.” 
  • Trump on Texas: “You had a hurricane two years ago now. They (local Republicans) still keep calling me for money. 'Sir, could you give us another…Thank you for being so generous to Texas, sir.'” As he used to, he says that Hurricane Harvey had “the biggest dump of water.” 
  • “You made a fortune on the hurricane,” Trump tells Texas of federal recovery money. 
  • For at least the 10th time as president, Trump exaggerates the (impressive) number of rescues the Coast Guard did during Hurricane Harvey, as usual saying “16,000.” The Coast Guard told me it was 11,022. 
  • Trump says sir a lot, then begins railing about Hillary Clinton's emails. 
  • Trump tells his now-standard Sir story about a general telling him “we don't have ammunition.” The military did say there was a shortage of certain precision bombs at the time, but the broad “no ammunition” claim is obviously false. 
  • Trump is telling a extremely nonsensical story about how people tried to make a deal with Turkey for 15, 20 years but couldn't, but he got it done. The Syrian Civil War is less than 10 years old. This is an extremely narrow deal related to Turkey's offensive this month. 
  • Trump calls Erdogan “a gentleman,” saying he just needed “a little tough love.” 
  • Trump says that a bit of war was necessary in northern Syria: “Sometimes you have to let 'em fight a little while.” He likens the situation to a childhood scrap: “Like two kids in a lot…let 'em fight…and then you pull 'em apart.” 
  • “Bring our soldiers back home. Bring our soldiers back home,” Trump says. He is not currently doing so, having deployed 1,800 more to Saudi Arabia and redeployed the troops being withdrawn from Syria to elsewhere in the region. 
  • Trump tells the wrong version of his story about Mexican soldiers deployed to combat migration, saying there are 27,000 “on our border.” The 25,000+ are divided between Mexico's northern and southern border. CBP's Mark Morgan says it's about 15,000 on the US border. 
  • Trump claims to have spent more than $2.5 trillion on the armed forces. That total appears to include the defense appropriation for the 2020 fiscal year, which hasn't been completed yet. (And the 2020 fiscal year just started.) 
  • Trump claims there are “close to 30,000 people” outside. (Is anyone outside reporting?) He asks the fire marshal to fill up a “little area” on the floor that is empty, while also claiming to have broken the arena record. 
  • It is the lowest unemployment rate in just under 50 years. Trump makes it “51 years,” because. 
  • Trump says his usual semi-comedic wrong thing about how the use of wind power means that you can't watch TV if the wind isn't presently blowing. The Energy Department has a whole thing on its website explaining that this thought is wrong. 
  • Trump says he can be very presidential, more than any other president except for Abraham Lincoln in his hat, and “all you have to do is act like a stiff.” He acts out being a stiff. 
  • Trump is recounting election night 2016 in great detail — with a rare bonus bashing of Evan McMullin, referring to him as “the guy with the shaved head.” 
  • Trump falsely claims that “we didn't win any cases” at the WTO before him, not “anything for years, practically.” Trump's own Council of Economic Advisers said in a February report that the US had won 86% of the cases it has brought since 1995. 
  • We are on the Jim Gilmore portion of the proceedings. Trump is shouting about his preparations for the 2016 debates. He said he fired his debate coach in about 10 minutes, because he advised Trump to never interrupt anyone, and you can't beat Ted Cruz without interrupting. 
  • Trump is incorporating his wife into this very long story about his 2016 Republican-primary debate preparation, claiming to have said, upon seeing that Ted Cruz was a national debate champion, “My potential first lady, I've got a problem.” 
  • Trump claims Democrats “want to give more to illegal aliens than they give to American citizens.” Some Democrats want undocumented immigrants to get access to the same programs and benefits as citizens get, not more. 
  • Trump claims to have ended a “war” on American energy, then boasts of the US becoming the #1 producer of oil and gas in the world. That accomplishment happened in 2012, under Obama, whom he accuses of perpetrating the “war.” 
  • Trump repeats his already-disproven promise that he will always protect patients with pre-existing conditions. He has repeatedly pushed bills that would have weakened these protections; he is currently supporting a lawsuit to get rid of Obamacare entirely. 
  • Trump calls Democrats the party of “blatant corruption.” 
  • Trump on how Republicans are the party of Abraham Lincoln: “We forget that. We've gotta use that more often, don't you think?” 
  • Trump reads his accurate text about how he has gotten 152 judges confirmed. Last week he falsely claimed it was “more than 160.” 
  • Trump falsely claims that presidents “always” have no judicial vacancies to fill. Presidents usually have dozens. He then tells a Sir story about how he had “142.” It was 104. 
  • Trump says Obama leaving him judicial vacancies shows that he was a bad president. (McConnell blocked his appointees late in his presidency.) He complains about the claim that Obama was a “wonderful president.” 
  • Trump does his usual thing about how his presidency will end “in 16 years, maybe 20” — there are some cheers — but how he's only kidding to drive people crazy. 
  • Trump tells his usual lie about how he got Veterans Choice passed after others had tried and failed for 50 years. Obama signed Choice into law in 2014. 
  • Trump thanks Dallas pastor Robert Jeffress, a frequent defender of him on television. “What a mouthpiece he's got. And he's a man of God,” Trump says. He applauds Jeffress for saying Trump may not be perfect or know the Bible as well as some of us, “but he's a leader.” 
  • Trump repeats his vow to end the AIDS epidemic within 10 years, falsely claiming the Obama administration “spent no money on that.” 
  • Trump has concluded after more than 80 minutes. 





1:17 P.M. CDT

THE PRESIDENT: Well, thank you very much. I'm very happy to report tremendous success, with respect to Turkey. And I want to thank President Erdoğan. I want to thank our Vice President Mike Pence, our Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. Great job. All of the people that we sent over the last three days. We sent an early group.

This is an amazing outcome. This is an outcome — regardless of how the press would like to damp it down, this was something that they've been trying to get for 10 years. You would have lost millions and millions of lives. They couldn’t get it without a little rough love, as I called it. I just put out — they needed a little bit of that at the beginning. And then everybody said, “Wow, this is tougher than we thought.” When those guns start shooting, they tend to do things.

But I will tell you, on behalf of the United States, I want to thank Turkey. I want to thank all of the people that have gotten together and made this happen. This is an incredible outcome.

So you have a 22-mile strip. And for many, many years, Turkey — in all fairness, they've had a legitimate problem with it. They had terrorists. They had a lot of people in there that they couldn't have. They've suffered a lot of loss of lives also. And they had to have it cleaned out. But once you start that, it gets to be to a point where a tremendous amount of bad things can happen.

So a process started and we started to negotiate. And I think that, obviously, the sanctions and tariffs were going to be very biting. I'm glad we don’t have to do it. We'll be taking them off very quickly, as soon as this is finalized.

But this is an incredible outcome. This outcome is something they've been trying to get for 10 years — everybody — and they couldn’t get it, other administrations. And they never would’ve been able to get it unless you went somewhat unconventional. I guess I'm an unconventional person.

I took a lot of heat from a lot of people, even some of the people in my own party, but they were there. In the end, they were there. They're all there. Look, this is about the nation. This isn’t about Republicans or Democrats. This is about our nation.

So, we have a five-day ceasefire. During that five days, the Kurds and other people — they're going to be taken great care of. They're going to be moving around — moving out of a safe zone, which is something that Turkey has always wanted.

The ISIS — they call them “Daesh,” but we call them “ISIS.” The ISIS fighters that we have captured, they'll be under very, very strict control of various different groups. But we will be watching, we will be in charge, and they'll be under very, very powerful and strict control. And we've gotten everything we could've ever dreamed of, and we're also going to be able to bring our people back home. But we'll be able to have control of ISIS — total. We'll be able to do whatever we have to do to get the rest of ISIS, wherever they may be. They're never going to be ruling us.

And I want to thank everybody. And the other thing, I want thank — as a group, I want to thank the Kurds because they were incredibly happy with this solution. This is a solution that really — well, it saved their lives, frankly. It saved their lives.

So we've done a great thing for our partner. If we didn’t go this unconventional, tough-love approach, you could’ve never gotten it done. They've been trying to do this for many, many years. You could’ve never gotten it done.

So, I want to thank everybody. I want to thank everybody back in Washington.

We're in Texas now and we're going to be opening up a phenomenal new plant. One of the greatest men in business — in all of business — is here with us. You know who he is.

And they're opening up a plant in Texas. The first time, I believe — one of the great companies of the world — first time ever in the United States. And then we're having a big rally in Dallas tonight at the American Airlines Center. So we look forward to that. We’ve been — they've been standing on line for three days, as you know. So it's a record crowd over in Dallas.

But I didn’t know it was going to work out this quickly. I didn’t know it would work out this well. It's a great day for the United States. It's a great day for Turkey. It's a great day for our partners, who have really worked. I mean, a lot of people questioned some of them; I'm not questioning anybody. They really did. The Kurds were great. It's a great day for the Kurds. It's really a great day for civilization. It's a great day for civilization.

So I just want to thank everybody.

Q Do you expect Congress now to call off their sanctions effort?

THE PRESIDENT: Well, sanctions won't be necessary because Turkey is doing what they're doing. I didn’t need Congress for sanctions because I can do sanctions that are tougher than Congress. And I was prepared to do that.

I just want to thank and congratulate though, President Erdoğan. He's a friend of mine and I'm glad we didn’t have a problem. Because, frankly, he's a hell of a leader, and he's a tough man. He's a strong man. And he did the right thing, and I really appreciate it. And I will appreciate it in the future.

Q Mr. President, isn’t Turkey getting everything they want from this? Don't they effectively just get control of the safe zone?

THE PRESIDENT: Well, Turkey has a great military power. Turkey is a friend of ours, a neighbor of ours, and they're a member of NATO. And what Turkey is getting now is they're not going to have to kill millions of people, and millions of people aren’t going to have to kill them.

I mean, this was going to be a war of lots of other groups coming in; this wasn’t going to stop with Turkey against the Kurds. A lot of different groups were coming in. We might not have been involved. I don’t want to be involved in that kind of a war.

And, by the way, we have the strongest military in the world. But we've been there for 10 years. We've been in the Middle East for nineteen and a half years. So this was a great thing for everybody. And Turkey is — I really appreciate what they've done. They did the right thing. And I have a great respect for the President.

Q Your decision not to keep any of the sanctions in place — doesn’t that effectively let Turkey just get off with no punishment for this incursion?

THE PRESIDENT: No. No. If you let this go, you would’ve lost millions of lives. Don’t forget: Your friend, President Obama, lost more than a half a million lives in a very short period in the same reason — region. We've lost very little.

But without that gunfire going back and forth, without those rockets going in both directions, without other countries moving in, and potentially moving in and creating virtually a world war — without all of that happening, you would’ve never been able to make this deal.

We've tried — we have tried, but everybody has tried to make this deal for 15 years. They could never do it. It was only when it started — people started seeing how nasty it was going to be. It was going to be very nasty. Not only sanctions and tariffs, the war itself would’ve been very nasty.

So, they did things that they wouldn’t have done. I just put out. Everything agreed to things that, three days ago, they would have never agreed to. That includes the Kurds. The Kurds are now much more inclined to do what has to be done. Turkey is much more inclined to do what has to be done. Turkey wouldn't have done this three days ago. The Kurds would not have done it three days ago.

This is a situation where everybody is happy. And I'm happy because there's no fighting. We can bring certainly most of our people back home for the first time in many years.

Q Mr. President, you're talking about all of this shooting as though it was part of plan. Are you saying that you planned for these people to attack each other so you could resolve it?

THE PRESIDENT: No. No. But I do think this, David: I think it had to be an unconventional solution. Because the conventional solution is to sit down, negotiate, and they've done that for 15 years. Actually more than that, I understand. And that was never going to work.

But all of a sudden when they saw — and how nasty it was and how rough it would get; it would get 100 times worse than what was happening. But when they saw the level of nastiness, they said, “Let's make a deal — everybody together. Let's make a deal.”

Q Are you sure that this will last more than five days? A lot of stuff can disappear in five days.

THE PRESIDENT: I think so. I think it's going to last. I think that President Erdoğan is very smart. I think he wants it to last. He wants safety for his people.

Look, say what you want. A lot of bad things happened to Turkey from that district, from that 22-mile stretch. A lot of people in Turkey were killed. So that’s not fair. Nobody likes to mention that. This was a great thing for the Kurds. This was a great thing for Turkey. This is great for everybody.

And, frankly, the thing that I'm most happy about is that we were — I took a lot of heat — but that we were able to do it so fast. I thought this would go on for longer. This was such a smart thing to get it done so fast.

Q Is President Erdoğan still coming next month to the White House?

THE PRESIDENT: Well, now I would say that would be very much open. I would say that, yeah, he would come. He did a terrific thing. He's a leader. He's a leader. He had to make a decision. A lot of people wouldn’t have made that decision because they don’t know; they ultimately would’ve made it. But what he did was very smart and it was great for the people of Turkey. And they're lucky it was him that was making the decision, I will tell you that.

Q The U.S. military — will you leave anybody in this zone to help monitor this ceasefire?

THE PRESIDENT: Yes. We're going to have people that watch it. And most particularly, we're going to have people that are watching ISIS. We'll have people watching. And ISIS will be largely again controlled by the Kurds. Because what a lot of people don’t know: Most of the areas where ISIS is, is outside of the war zone or the 22 miles.

So ISIS will be — very few have gotten out. Most of them have been recaptured. And what's happened is ISIS is outside of the war zone. So that’s going to be controlled very much by the Kurds, with our supervision.

Q And the Kurdish general, General Mazloum, who you talked to before — are you going to talk to him again to get him to —

THE PRESIDENT: He's very happy. They've spoken to him. The Kurds are very happy. Turkey is very happy. The United States is very happy. And you know what? Civilization is very happy. It's a great thing for civilization.

Thank you, everybody.


  • October 18, 2019
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