Well, Indiana has decided to start sacrificing kids, their parents, and definitely their grandparents to COVID-19 starting TODAY.  In other words, kids are going back to school.   

Parkview and 17 other schools in the Greater Clark County Schools district welcomed more than 10,000 students Wednesday, becoming the first school district in the Louisville area to return to school amid the coronavirus pandemic and offering a glimpse of what in-person classes could look like for others.

Students from the third grade up and faculty and staff were required to wear face masks when social distancing of 6 feet could not be practiced. And the schools — and bus drivers — provided masks to students who didn't have them. Hand sanitizers were dispersed throughout buildings. Teachers made elementary school students distance themselves from one another as they waited in lines for the bathroom.

“We weren’t intentionally trying to be the first” district to come back, Superintendent Mark Laughner said. “It just so happens our calendar start date was the 29th. We felt like we were ready to go and Dr. (Eric) Yazel and the health department supported that decision. I do think people can learn some things from us in terms of how this goes.”

Oh yeah.  I’m sure we will all learn something from what Indiana is doing.  Did I mention that Indiana is one of three other states that is heading for the RED ZONE with regards to the spread of coronavirus?

But its time to celebrate!

About a mile away from Parkview, Franklin Square Elementary had its grand opening Wednesday. Spring Hill and Maple elementary schools closed this year and the establishment of Franklin Square in downtown Jeffersonville was approved.

“There were some detractors to this idea. I think that’s all gone away,” said Jeffersonville Mayor Mike Moore, who greeted arriving students at the school. “This is a great day to celebrate.”

I keep seeing images of Aztecs and human sacrifice.  Only this time, it is all for the sake of the economy that people must give up their lives.  Fucking hell.