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Independent economic analysis: A Trump loss would be far better for the economy

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I’ll never understand why people think Republican presidents — and Republicans in general — are good for the economy. We have decades of economic data that say otherwise.

When it comes to the economy, Republicans are like loud, stumbling drunks who keep insisting they’re okay to drive. Every Friday and Saturday night they plow into the ditch, and yet we (and by “we” I mean “those other idiots”) keep handing them the keys.

George H.W. Bush: Ditch

George W. Bush: Deeper ditch

Donald Trump: The fucking Marianas Trench

This is well understood, and yet the myth of the fiscally responsible, economically deft Republican somehow persists.

On pretty much every important measure — job growth, GDP, deficit spending, the stock market — Democratic presidents outperform Republicans. If you don’t believe me (I know you do, but occasionally Republicans stumble onto my posts while drunk and looking for their keys), check here, here, and here

Yet voters still frequently — and incomprehensibly — trust Trump over Joe Biden when it comes to handling the economy. That’s like hiring Ed Gein every four years to reupholster your furniture.

Why are voters’ brains still stuck on this easily disproved myth? Must be Trump’s serial bankruptcies and the current cratered economy.

Well, now Moody’s Analytics — by no means a radical leftist operation — is adding fuel to the Trump campaign’s funeral pyre.

According to a recent Moody’s analysis, a Biden victory and a Democratic Senate sweet would — yup, you guessed it — help the economy rebound faster than four more years of the clammy swamp ogre.

Moody’s analyzed four possible outcomes: Biden wins and Democrats take the House and Senate; Republicans win the White House, Senate, and the House; Dems win everything but the Senate; and Trump hangs on while Democrats keep the House and lose the Senate.


Based on the economic proposals of both President Trump and Biden, “the economic outlook is strongest under the scenario in which Biden and the Democrats sweep Congress and fully adopt their economic agenda,” said Moody’s Analytics chief economist Mark Zandi.
A Blue Wave—in which Democrats control both chambers of Congress and the White House—would result in the highest number of jobs added and the best rebound in economic growth, Moody’s found.
In that scenario, Biden would be allowed to enact more wide-sweeping economic policy changes such as spending trillions on infrastructure, education and social safety, while also boosting trade and immigration.

This doesn’t surprise me, and it shouldn’t surprise any of you, but evidently it would surprise a lot of Americans. 

And, according to Moody’s, the difference between a Biden and Trump presidency would be more than minor. The analysis projects that the economy would add 7.4 million more jobs under Biden than under Trump: “Largely because of Biden’s substantially more expansive fiscal policies, the economy would return to full employment more quickly coming out of the pandemic than under Trump—in the second half of 2022 under Biden, compared with the first half of 2024 under Trump.”

So, yeah, if you want to convince your conservative friends or family members that there’s absolutely no reason to vote for Trump unless you want to die in some exotic, as-yet-unimaginable way, send them this article. Or the link to the Moody’s study. Though, to be fair, the Moody’s study does not refer to Trump as an oleaginous, convulsively incontinent land manatee, whereas this article clearly does.

So you know what to do.

If you want to prosper once again, support Joe. And, of course, vote the moment you’re allowed to.

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