Incumbent DEM candidate is right-wing bigot who “thanks God for slavery.” Primary her NOW!


Only in Florida.

Meet your Florida Democratic rep: Kim Daniels. She is the incumbent state representative for one of the bluest districts in all of Florida, Legislative District 14 in Jacksonville. As usual, the Florida GOP isn’t even bothering running a candidate.  This is for two reasons:

State Rep Kim Daniels

1. A Republican just can’t win here, and

2. They have something even better—an incumbent conservative extremist who supports them on just about everything

You won’t find a better Trump candidate. 

It gets worse.

Daniels is blatantly anti-Semitic and pro-slavery.

Here are actual things she has said in public:

And you can talk about the Holocaust, but the Jews own everything!

I thank God for slavery. … If it wasn’t for slavery, I might be somewhere in Africa worshipping a tree!

Don’t believe me? Go right to the 2:00 minute mark in this video:

Unfortunately, with GOP backing and incumbency, she could win again with a very disengaged electorate. Low turnout is typical for primary elections.

Remember, the primary is the entire election here, so we need a serious influx of help to combat her GOP money as well as get the word out about her between now and the Aug. 18 primary.

Angie Nixon, challenging Kim Daniels

Angie Nixon entered the race on March 7. She’s very well known in Duval County as an active community organizer, and stepped down as the first vice chair of the Duval County Democrats to run. Nixon is a real progressive, and she has also been field director for multiple social justice organizations across the state. She has already been endorsed by 90for90 and the Florida Chamber of Commerce.

Her website is  

Please give what you can.

This is an easy victory if we can get the word out. 

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