Incessant, and Absurd

President Trump has repeatedly accused the two Muslim-American women in Congress of being Jew-haters and enemies of Israel. His repeated base rallying cries, specifically aimed at Rep. Ilhan Omar, ending with, [Omar]says horrible things about Israel, hates Israel, hates Jews,” has become part of his general traveling big top act.  As they do with their usual blind loyalty, Trump supporters fall in line and at once labeled Ms. Omar anti-Semitic because she disagreed with Israel’s policy.  How Prime Minister Netanyahu’s government handles its ongoing confrontation with the Palestinians is up for legitimate debate.

The trope of “dual loyalty” invoked by Adolph Hitler as a partial reason for the persecution of Jews in Europe has since been internationally recognized as anti-Semitic.   In April of this year, Mr. Trump told Jewish Americans at a gathering in Las Vegas that, Benjamin Netanyahu is, “your prime minister.

Compare these two statements:

 “I want to talk about the political influence in this country that says it is okay for people to push for allegiance to a foreign country.”-Ilhan Omar

[Jewish Americans] shows either a total lack of knowledge or great disloyalty.”-Donald Trump

I am not a fan of either statement, but representative Omar left some room for interpretation. Her firsthand knowledge of the situation may very well have colored her opinion because oppression of any people makes complete objectivism impossible. The conservative movement willfully misrepresented her comments as anti-Semitic and it was done with a political purpose.  No such room was left for Mr. Trump’s characterization. On the heels of Mr. Trump blatantly telling Jews in April that he was not their President because they are de facto subjects of Israel, was bolstered by him calling Jews, in effect stupid, if they are not loyal to him and Israel. Former Speaker of the House Paul Ryan once accused Mr. Trump as being the “textbook definition” of racist commentary.  Now with his [Trump] remarks that truly define anti-Semitism, Paul Ryan must be burning his Merriam-Webster’s dictionary at the stake.  

I will give Mr. Trump credit for one thing. Although his political ideology could be placed in a gnat’s navel, because he is amoral, he must have read a line or two of Karl Rove’s book ‘The Architect.’  Mr. Rove, who was described as Bush’s Brain believed that you find the strength of your opponent and use it against them.  George W. Bush used his “brain” to disparage opponents, smear reputations and win at all cost. The fact the Bush administration ended in disaster, should not have been a surprise when you consider the nickname for Mr. Rove, used by the then President, was “Turd Blossom.      

The distractions, the misdirection, and the misalignment of American values need redirecting by good people, with good ideas—at a minimum, and at least a passing respect for morality. None of this is currently a part of the people in charge of the United States. Today will be another day of the President pointing fingers, settling imaginary scores and being a general blight on the body politic of the world. Behind this is a very important story, the continued cruelty of the Trump administration, and not supplying flu shots for people at the border.  Do not be distracted, November 2020 is a chance for renewal and recapturing the soul of America.

Vote in 2020 for Change.