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In these last precious moments for climate action, we have been betrayed by Amazon, Apple and Disney

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Joe Biden and the Democratic party are walking a tightrope on implementing meaningful changes to save the biosphere. The QOP party joined by two Democratic senators provides strong headwinds to derail that action. The action is the Build Back Better Plan; it is without a doubt the most substantial effort to fight the good fight with bold climate legislation ever.

Accountable Now, the U.S. compiled data revealing our corporate allies such as Microsoft and Apple have been secretly meeting with corporate interests that only want to maintain the fossil fuel economy. Some prominent companies that publically support climate action do not do so with business interests that do not are Microsoft, Disney, Apple, Amazon, and others.

Bezos has stated that the climate crisis is the โ€œbiggest threat to our planet,โ€ and all companies should be at net-zero by 2040. Disney and Microsoft also pledge significant action within that timeframe.

However, they support business lobbying groups and steer those groups towards killing Biden's critical plans.

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