Received this e-mail today from U.S. Senator Kamala Harris (D. CA) on behalf of in support of U.S. Senator Joe Donnelly’s (D. IN) re-election campaign:

Sen. Joe Donnelly (D. IN)

Dear MoveOn member,

I walked out.

Republicans rushed Judge Kavanaugh's confirmation with a sham hearing yesterday morning, less than 24 hours after Dr. Christine Blasey Ford had the courage to tell her story in front of the entire country. It's a disgrace.

So, instead of sitting through the farce … I walked out.

I know I'm not alone in this fight; millions of Americans are with me. And as of yesterday morning, I'm proud to say that my colleague, Indiana Senator Joe Donnelly, is with me. After hearing Dr. Blasey Ford testify and seeing the GOP effort to push through this confirmation, Sen. Donnelly has said he'll vote no on Kavanaugh.1

But Sen. Donnelly is in one of the toughest reelection fights this year—and we know his opponent, a right-wing candidate who’ll march in line with Senators McConnell and Grassley and Donald Trump—will attack him for this vote. That's why I'm asking:

Can MoveOn members around the country help in getting Joe's back?

Click here to rush a contribution of $3 to Joe Donnelly to help have his back and end Republican control of the Senate in November.

Rushing a vote on Kavanaugh after Dr. Blasey Ford's testimony and the multiple allegations of sexual assault that have been made against him is outrageous.

We haven't even given the public the chance to make their voices heard after listening to Dr. Blasey Ford’s testimony. You deserve better.

Joe Donnelly recognizes that the FBI has a job to do, the public needs time, and that this attempt to rush through Kavanaugh is a Republican power grab and an insult to women and survivors everywhere. And if we're going to have any chance of taking back the Senate—and taking that chair gavel out of Sen. Grassley's hand, we need to make sure Sen. Donnelly is reelected.

He has taken the right stance—and we need to defend him from attacks in Indiana and send a message nationwide that when you take the right vote, MoveOn members will be there to fight alongside you.

Will you rush a contribution to Joe Donnelly right now to help have his back and end Republican control of the Senate in November?

Yes, I'll chip in $3 right now.

Things are moving fast. I'll be in touch soon.

Thanks for all you do.

–Senator Kamala Harris


1. “Donnelly Announces Opposition to Kavanaugh Nomination,” U.S. Senator Joe Donnelly, September 28, 2018 

Click here to donate to Donnelly’s re-election campaign.

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