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In Mississippi, There are “Blacks” and “People”

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This was in the Hattiesburg (MS) American a couple of days ago, but just came to my attention:

Mississippi election commissioner's social media comment about Black voters causes uproar

A social media comment with racial undertones made by a Mississippi election commissioner sparked outrage across the state on the same weekend state legislators voted to retire the flag and its Confederate emblem.

“I'm concerned about voter registration in Mississippi,”  the commissioner wrote. “The blacks are having lots (of) events for voter registration. People in Mississippi have to get involved, too.”

The commissioner, Gail Welch, said she didn’t mean anything racist by it:

“I was just trying to strike a match under people and get them to vote — to get everybody to vote,” she said. “This was not intended to be anything.”

But she also said she had thought she was sending a private Facebook message, not a public one.

It’s by these unconscious Freudian slips that we so often reveal ourselves. This shows how the curse of racism has never gone away and will be so hard to drive away. Right now we’re seeing a truly monstrous rise in violence against Blacks and other minorities and women, large egged on by His Turdbowl Shitgibbonness — both because he thinks division and violence will help his reelection and because deep down he really believes in white supremacy. But he wouldn’t be able to stir it up if it weren’t for this undercurrent that is so prevalent we (whites, that is) don’t even notice it’s there.

This is what we have to correct. Outbreaks of violence, of police brutality, of overt hatred, can be combated with crackdowns, arrests, lawsuits, with shame — though we have to get rid of Bunker Boy and Moscow Mitch to get even that done. The real work takes us deeper into the nation’s psyche, so that people learn from childhood that this kind of casual, unthinking degradation of human worth is simply WRONG.

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