Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear’s Administration announced today that 521,592 people have filed for unemployment since March 16th.  Doing the math, it means that the unemployment rate in Kentucky is approximately 29.6% (87,900 plus 521,592/2,058,000 in workforce x 100).  As for how many have gotten unemployment compensation so far:

Almost 157,000 Kentuckians have received unemployment insurance payments since April 9, Gov. Andy Beshear’s administration said Tuesday.

There are multiple reasons why not everyone is being paid yet, and a big one is the fact that the system is overloaded.

Essentially, Kentucky has entered Great Depression Era unemployment levels.

But guess who some people are trying to blame and pressure into lifting his shelter in place order?  Yes, Democratic Governor Andy Beshear.  The man who is trying to save lives.

Supposedly, the calls for Beshear to come up with a recovery plan for Kentucky are “bipartisan.”  However, I read the article closely, and I see one Democrat who is saying that Beshear needs to start focusing on an economic recovery plan.  It’s the guy who lost to Beshear in the primary last year and is out of a job now:  Adam Edelen.  The rest of the people quoted in the above article are all Republicans.  

As for Beshear’s response to this deadly BS:

Beshear told The Courier Journal on Saturday his administration is “obviously” discussing an exit strategy internally, but the governor indicated it was premature to do so publicly.

“We haven’t reached our apex … sometimes to talk about an exit strategy suggests, ‘oh well, once we’ve done that, everything’s gonna be fine’ — that’s not the way it goes,” Beshear said.

Republicans in this state only care about the bucks and politics.  They don’t give a shit about the lives they want to risk during this viral pandemic.  And if I saw Edelen at a Democratic Party gathering, I’d have to be physically restrained.

For the umpteenth time, this pandemic is still in the beginning phase, and WE HAVE NO ADEQUATE TESTING SYSTEM TO ALLOW PEOPLE TO GO BACK TO WORK!  We have only tested a little over 27,000 people in a state with 4.5 million people.

But given how the economy has tanked, I expect further cries from Republicans.  Too bad for them the guy who is responsible for all this misery sits in the White House.

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