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In honor of OPOL…A rant and you should be ranting as well


I won’t even pretend to channel OPOL.  I don’t think anyone could write or rant as he could.  We got the news today that One Pissed Off Liberal had passed.   One Pissed Off Liberal would be topping trees had he seen that dictator and murderer, laugh at us and make a joke of our democracy on this very day.

Putin laughed and made a joke of interfering with our elections internationally today.   HE LAUGHED.

OPOL was one patriotic individual.   I knew him from his writings and his phone calls and he was a soft spoken person who could raise passion of advocacy.   He was inspirational.  He WAS AN AMERICAN PATRIOT.

The sadness I felt for this man’s passing hurt me deeply as I loved his rants.  He wrote with passion and conviction and didn’t just write but acted on his passion through word and inspiration.  He walked the walk.  

I am ranting about one KGB murdering son of a bitch who had the nerve to get in front of cameras and whisper while smirking that he was indeed interfering in our elections but, “Please keep it a secret”.   I also hear that asshole orange idiot squatting resident, pretending to be some sort of President,  trash our intel, our press, our democratic leaders and congress while defending that dictator.  Hell yeah, I am mad.  I am mad as Hell.   

How many hundreds of thousands of soldiers of all walks of life sacrificed to protect the constitution?  How much blood has been shed?  How many lives lost? How many lives have been ruined defending an oath from enemies foreign and domestic to be laughed at?   There is collusion amuck and running rampid.  Republicans, if that is what they are calling you these days, have you no shred of patriotism or honor?  NONE?  

   How many people have marched and died for the right to vote, or have their votes counted, or died for equal protection that our founders wanting a more perfect union laid out in the constitution?  Did all of these people die in vain or suffer for our constitution for a psychopathic and idiot side kick to laugh at us?  NO…. Hell NO.…

Do you think this is a joke or even if it was and it wasn’t…is it funny?  NO !!!!!!!!  It is insulting to every American.

We must press the majority in the senate to remove this monster who pals around with dictators from the highest office in the land along with his hand picked, just as evil enablers covering up for Donald J Trump’s  not wrongdoing but evildoing.  These people are not patriotic.  These people are not happy to be an American citizen.  These people are trying to destroy us from within to please a rich dictator who still longs for the days of  the Soviet Union and I for one have not forgotten the missiles aimed 90 miles offshore via Cuba under KGB direction.  This was Russia back then and wanting to gain that strength again with domination. 

 We have a traitor who is not fit to shine shoes at a local dog kennel, much less be a commander in chief.  

If you are not angry today, you are not paying attention !

You can see the video and report here…

This rant was dedicated to our dear departed OPOL….He would have been better and much more colorful !  He would want a rant today about  this, that I am sure about.

Call your congresspeople and tell them WE the People refuse to be the butt of a joke about our elections from a murdering dictator..Just Do it !

Peace Out !  

In Rememberance of Randy and his wise rants.