The GOP will make 1933 Fireside Chat claims for Trump’s Easter economy claims, but the reality was the bounce came from word of the Congressional stimulus package moving toward agreement. 



— Norville Barnes (@NorvilleBarnes0) March 24, 2020


— Joel Hills (@ITVJoel) March 24, 2020


— Long Paul (@LongPaulLA) March 24, 2020


— Charles Como – Underground.Net (@underground_net) March 24, 2020


— Jeff Stein (@SpyTalker) March 24, 2020

What on earth is the president doing? One possibility is that he’s not really serious about lifting the restrictions, and is just blowing hot air to make sure the stock markets don’t get scared downward any further. Trump is known for his short-term thinking, responding to even complex issues with improvised day-to-day or minute-by-minute antics. Maybe that’s what’s happening here, too.

But maybe he’s serious. If so, here’s a modest proposal: As an example to his followers, Trump and his entire White House team can go first.

To really boost confidence, Trump could go big and bold, temporarily relocating White House operations and personnel to the hottest coronavirus spot in the country, New York City, and relax restrictions in a place where all can see. He could move his Resolute desk into his Trump Tower office and could instruct his White House staff to take the elevator down at lunchtime to patronize food carts and restaurants, take the subway and buses to work, and play pick-up games of basketball.

To further demonstrate his sincerity, Trump should also order his entire family to break out of their life-support cocoons to take jobs as cashiers, deliverymen, nursing home janitors, bus drivers, EMT assistants and other positions that require regular contact with potentially infected people.

Of course, Trump won’t do any such thing. He’s a germaphobe whose prize possession is his family. But his love of family makes it fair to ask why he seems so eager to sacrifice other people’s families while offering no corresponding sacrifice of his own. (Is he really advocating getting-coronavirus-to-own-the libs?)…

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