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Impeachment Inquiry day two: the “Sideshow Bob defense of Tяump” continues

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“Sideshow Amigos” and “Sideshow Shreks” still remain at large in our imagination, as the House Intel Committee deposed Ambassador Yovanovitch.

The GOP tried several procedural stunts, but lost the message as Trump tweeted an attack during the opening.

What remained were what has now become routine in terms of distractions from what is now even more obvious Arms for Dirt activity and its cover-up.



At the same time that Rudy Giuliani and his now-indicted pals were pushing for President Donald Trump to remove Amb. Marie Yovanovitch from her post in Ukraine, Trump administration officials were eyeing potential contenders to take over her job. One of the people in the mix, according to three sources familiar with the discussions, was Rep. Pete Sessions, a former Congressman who called for Yovanovitch’s firing. He is also a longtime ally of the former New York Mayor, and is believed to have taken millions of dollars from Giuliani’s indicted cronies.

Yovanovitch is set to testify to the Congressional impeachment inquiry on Nov. 15. The circumstances of her removal from Kyiv are of keen interest to investigators, and she has said the whisper campaign against her left her blindsided. Witnesses in the inquiry have said they believed the people who successfully pushed for her ouster wanted to replace her with someone more pliable — and maybe even more friendly to their business interests.

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