This is the mantra of the right on both sides of the pond.

It’s the xenophobics and racists mantra, without the inherent toxicity of their usual bile.

Who is us?

Who is them?

Where do the rest of “us” fit into “their” country that they want to take back?

Once done with “them” what about the rest of “us” who disagree with the new “us”.

Now this country they want to take us back to, because it was so great, what the fuck is it?

One where women didn’t have the vote?

One where there was segregation?

The one of religious persecutions?

The one occupied by the Germans?

The one where slaves were kept and another flag was raised to protect this abuse and hundreds of thousands died?

The one that shipped whole peoples to their deaths?

The one of Empire?

I’m curious, which country do they want to take back?

The one in a divided Europe where wars were a regular occurrence, the US before independence?

The one where our armies trampled upon each other, where sovereignty of the “lesser” nations didn’t count for one fig? Where “lesser” peoples could be sneered at and tortured with no recrimination?

More often than not the country they are taking back is a total bloody myth, it never bloody existed.

This mythical golden age that never fucking was.

It’s always fucking better in a history that never existed.

It’s always fucking better if you ignore the facts.

There is no bloody country to fucking take back, it is still here, deal with it.

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