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I'm Not The Least Bit Excited About Which “Journalists” Were Selected For Next Dem Debate.

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MSNBC has been hyping the selection of the women “journalists” for the next upcoming Democratic presidential debate:  Ashley Parker, Kristen Welker, Andrea Mitchell, and Rachel Maddow.  Only one of those selected is a real journalist IMHO — Rachel Maddow.  The other three are, well, let’s take a look.

Ashley Parker doesn’t seem like a terrible choice at first glance.  I’ve seen her appear on MSNBC lots of times, and she is usually explaining Trump’s so called thinking.  It’s a dirty job, and I suppose someone has to do it.  However, did Parker really have to attend the farewell party for that souless liar Sarah Huckabee Sanders?

THE JUICE … SARAH HUCKABEE SANDERS had a pair of going-away events this week after wrapping up her tenure as White House press secretary.— SPOTTED at Sanders’ White House correspondent going-away drinks Monday night at Rare, organized by Anita Kumar and Francesca Chambers: Josh Dawsey, Ashley Parker, Anne Gearan, Jennifer Jacobs, David Smith, Chris Johnson, Hunter Walker, Shirish Date, Franco Ordonez, Jeff Mason, Steve Holland, Todd Gillman, Jon Karl, Sara Cook, Fin Gomez, Debra Saunders, Dave Boyer, Asawin Suebsaeng, Nikki Schwab, John Roberts, Hogan Gidley, Steve Groves, Judd Deere and Jarrod Agen. The NYT coverage, by Shawn McCreesh  Erik Wemple in WaPo

The so called journalists that attended this event claimed their jobs are like playing in a rugby game.  You shake hands when all is said and done.  


Ashley Parker is an access journalist, which means she is an ass-kisser.

Next up is Kristen “BUT HER EMAILS!” Welker.  And I literally mean that.  When Comey decided to interfere in the election by reopening the investigation of Hillary Clinton’s emails — remember they had found “new evidence” on former Congressman Anthony Weiner’s computer, this is what Welker had to say:

They hadn’t even gotten a warrant as yet to determine the content of the emails. “Sexting scandal” was irrelevant (“Weiner’s emails” would have been sufficient) but did the job of reminding readers of the sleaze factor among the Clinton men. And now, too, the damned emails are front and center again, and both the GOP and the media treat the news as explosive. MSNBC's Kristen Welker declares that the “full enormity” of this new information could “up-end the entire election.” 

And if you need a reminder of how bad Welker is at her job, her is Welker’s interview with Republican Congressman Peter King.…

There was no real pushback.  King lied multiple times about the impeachment inquiry and Russia probe, and Welker did nothing.  She let him get his talking points in.  Oh, and King got to argue that if Trump does it that it’s OK.  The old Nixon argument.

 I suppose this will be great news for any of the Democrats on stage who want to score cheap points.  And please don’t say that we don’t have Democrats who just throw punches to get their moment.  Welker is bound to ask some question that allows any of the Democrats to bloviate.  And with too many damn people on the stage, do we really need that?

Finally, we have Ms. Republican Establishment Andrea Mitchell.  There is so much that is wrong with Mitchell, but here she is falling down on the job when it came to one of Trump’s lies about Puerto Rico.  One of my favorite lies from her was when Valerie Plame was outed by Rove.  Mitchell defended the outing claiming that everyone already “knew” about Plame.  This is a lie.

Andrea Mitchell

This post includes excerpts from Andrea Mitchell's key statement on the Plame case.  What to look for:

In Oct 2003, Ms. Mitchell said it was “widely known” amongst the journalists on her beat that Joe Wilson's wife was at the CIA; in Oct 2005, she said she had spoken to the FBI about some part of her involvement in the story; and in Nov 2005, she denied both the advance knowledge about Wilson's wife and her cooperation with the investigation (or at least, her cooperation since Fitzgerald took over, but why weasel?)

So yeah, I do not trust Mitchell.

Sadly, the upcoming debate will be par for the course when it comes to the Media.  

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