I'm a Traveling Man

I am in the wrong business—I should have become a lawyer.  The top attorney for the United States of America not only gets a parking pass in one of the most exclusive lots in Washington, D.C., but he also got a taxpayer-paid tour of western and maybe eastern Europe. Attorney General William Barr, having failed to suborn perjury from the British, the Italians, Australia and possibly the Ukrainians, ordered an investigation into his own investigators today.

Yesterday the outrage of the Trump administration drawing Italy into its paranoia was so perplexing that the Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte found it imperative to issue a statement that reads, “Our intelligence is completely unrelated to the so-called Russiagate and that has been made clear.”  Mr. Barr met twice with Italian officials to discuss Maltese professor Joseph Mifsud’s contact with former Trump advisor George Papadopoulos, who was on a trip through Italy, and supposedly under the influence of alcohol told Mifsud that his work for the Trump administration involved their mutual ties to the Russian government.

Of course, the right-wing disinformation machine took over and this meeting became the basis for the so-called Deep State conspiracy, corruption of the CIA, FBI, bleached servers, Ukraine and green cheese on the moon. Now despite the U.S. Intelligence community exhaustedly investigating and clearing the DNC, the Obama administration and Hillary Clinton of any Trump-driven conspiracy nonsense, AG Barr was plotting while dining on Italian gelato.  Meanwhile, the circus continues at the White House. Mr. Trump, orange and red-faced on the White House lawn, is sweating and gesticulating in the face of questions he cannot answer coherently; Ordering the stoppage [Washington Post and New York Times] of news dailies to government agencies if they do not lie prostrate before dear leader; Defying lawful subpoenas, hiding information and dividing people by gender, race, and ethnicity.  

The slow stripping of our rights is not an illusion or a parlor trick, Mr. Trump through the magic of his liege of obsequious followers has sawed American credibility in half.  The world is witnessing the most successful experiment in political history being taken down by a charlatan, a con man, and a self-dealer.    

Anyone who dares cross the leader is lambasted by him [Trump] and his lapdogs. Robert Mueller, who by all accounts is a patriot and straight shooter, to the nth degree, is suddenly a deep state operative.  Bill Taylor, the acting Ambassador to Ukraine, who came out of retirement to serve his country is now amongst the “human scum,” according to Mr. Trump and his loyalist. Any critique, any exercise of one of the founding principles of this country, freedom from governmental recrimination for free speech, is met with bullying phone calls from Kellyanne Conway or the repackaged  regurgitation of slurs by the new White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham, “The people who are against him and who have been against him and working against his [agenda] since the day they took office are just that,” said Grisham. They keep shoveling it, and we keep eating it, time to say No More!

Vote in 2020 for Change.