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IL-03: Ayanna Pressley (D. MA) Teams Up With PCCC To Help Marie Newman (D) Get Rid Of A Blue Dog Dem

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Illinois Democrat Marie Newman

Received this e-mail today. from Rep. Ayanna Pressley (D. MA-07). on behalf of the Progressive Change Campaign Committee in support of Marie Newman’s (D. IL-03) campaign:

Illinois Democrat Marie Newman
Marie Newman (D. IL-03)

This is Ayanna Pressley — Representative from the MA-07, Warren campaign co-chair, and proud member of the Squad.

I’m asking for your support today to help Marie Newman win the IL-03 primary this coming Tuesday against pro-corporate, anti-choice, anti-LGTBQ “Democratic” incumbent, Dan Lipinski, because we need more allies in Congress!

I’m proud of the way we’ve been able to change the conversation over the past two years, but having Democrats in control of Congress, by itself, isn’t enough – it matters who those Democrats are. To make the critical reforms like Medicare For All and a Green New Deal a reality, we need bold, activist leaders — not folks who stand in the way.

Rep. Lipinski voted against Obamacare, voted to deregulate Wall Street, co-chairs the Pro-Life Caucus, and was the only Democrat in Congress to oppose an LGBTQ equality bill.

Marie Newman, on the other hand, is a true, bold progressive. Marie is running to make progress on Medicare For All, reproductive rights, and equal rights. I'm proud to stand with the progressive organizations and leaders across the country who have endorsed Marie. And the primary is just 2 days away!

Help us continue to make progress on issues of real consequence to the people in our communities. Click here to rush a donation to Marie Newman’s campaign to make sure she has the resources to reach as many voters as possible before the primary.

Marie is committed to listening to the voices of the people she represents and fighting for their interests in Congress, and she’s ready to advocate for progressive policies like Medicare for All and the Green New Deal that will lift up all of our communities.

Thousands of PCCC members donated to her last cycle when she came just 1% away from defeating Lipinski — and over 4,000 have already donated this cycle to help her finish the job.

I’ve seen the impact PCCC members can make — their support for progressive champions in Congress has been amazing. Together, we can help elect another progressive fighter who rejects corporate PAC contributions and will fight for equity and justice.

BUT — this election is close. Every single donation is critical right now.

Can you donate NOW to Marie Newman (IL-3)? Click here to rush her a donation.

Thank you for your support, and for contributing to elect Marie Newman. Justice is on the ballot next Tuesday in Illinois’ 3rd — reproductive justice, environmental justice, and social justice.

In Solidarity,

Ayanna Pressley

Click here to donate to Newman’s campaign.

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