If you watch the Impeachment trial, you will relive it. Express here what you felt that day.

On the eve of the Impeachment trial, it will be relived by  us.  The trial has to be done and we have to look at this insurrection.  ( All that are  emotionally or mentally able to).  We have to deal with the pain to get past the horror and hold  power people accountable if only in the history books.  

We will experience pain and now that the absolute shock has sunk in to a reality of what happened, we must relive it.    I think it would help to express our feelings of that day before we see those images, without the commentary and look at flagpoles being used as weapons by people claiming they are patriots in the name of Trump. We need to feel what we may have blocked that day.  It won’t be easy.  WE WERE ATTACKED.

Our house was broken into and with news flashing past us everyday at the speed of light, we need to express our remorse and feelings to start the heal, IMO.  So I put up this post before the trial for you to express how this has affected you and your family in the middle of a pandemic.  Express yourself.

Stay safe and sane as you can because this country has to heal and part of that is dealing with what we all experienced that day.    This trial is being reported as emotionally charged and with things we have never heard or seen before.  Feel free to express your feelings that day of January 6th and I have talked with people filing claims that were experiencing traumatic situations and PTSD.  It is rough.  It will be rough tomorrow.  Be prepared to call your republican senators and email and express your feelings here because I am convinced, tomorrow will be like filing a VA disability claim.  You may cry, want to throw things, scream but we need to look at this as to never ever allow this to happen again.

NEVER FORGET Jan. 6th but we must deal with it now and see what happened and then start to cry it out and see just how close we came to losing the country and how we  underestimated the tea party in 09 and boldly hold Trump and his minions accountable.  That is what adults do and we should be prepared that tomorrow will be one sad day.  A necessary day but sad, all the same.

  • February 8, 2021