If you want to know exactly what racial profiling looks like, just watch this video

This is painful and difficult to watch. Yet I’m going to ask you do just that.

A local activist group, Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement (ICCI), obtained and published police recordings showing a textbook example of racial bias by Des Moines Senior Police Officer Kyle Thies. 

Thies apparently pulled over the young man, Montray Little, for…well, driving while black.

Little is berated, taken into custody, and then constantly pushed by Officer Thies to confess something that he didn’t do. Meanwhile, Thies implies that the young man was on drugs and stole the car he was driving. He is also convinced that his passenger was hiding a gun.

None of it was true.

“Your buddy's giving me the idea that maybe he's got a gun, you know what I mean,” the officer says. “That's what I think.”

“How?” the passenger asks.

“Just the way you're holding yourself, man. That's why we're nervous, man.”

Even though Little had done nothing wrong, Thies takes him out of the car, handcuffs him, pulls down his pants (which was extremely inappropriate and not police procedure), and escorts him to his patrol car. Thies proceeds to conduct a warrantless search of the car.