HealthCare undocumentedfamilies

If you say that health care is a basic human right you have to offer it to undocumented families

The press is making a big thing about all of the democratic candidates raising their hands to say that they will offer health care to undocumented families. All of these people have said health care is a basic human right. The only way you can not offer health care to everybody in the United States is to say that those you refuse to offer health care to are not human. Every time a democratic candidate is asked about health care for undocumented families they must first set the predicate. They must first ask, “Do you believe health care is a human right?” If the questioner refuses to answer move on from the question because you are engaging on two completely different moral planes. If they do answer that it is a basic human right then ask, are undocumented families human. End of discussion. If they say health care is a privilege, ask them privilege for who. If they say health care is an American citizen right ask them to explain the logic (spoiler alert, there is not logical argument for this).

The candidates cannot and should not back down from health care for undocumented families. They should turn it against their opponents (and the journalists who ask these types of inhumane questions).