If you rob a bank with an empty gub and stammer at the teller, you're still going to the slammer

Take the Money and Run - I Have a Gub, Apt Natural

Congressional funds were deliberately held up for personal gain, as PABOTUS* shook down Ukraine. Everything else is disinformation, diversion and distraction, all in service of obstruction and corrupt intent.

Virgil attempts to rob a bank, and he fails because the tellers have difficulty reading past the spelling errors in his hold-up note, which says to "abt natural" because he has a "gub" pointed at them. The bank tellers even debate on whether he actually misspelled gun or if they just don't notice that the B is actually a C or N, and ask other people what they think, including a police officer.


OTOH, Howard Stern….

  • November 10, 2019
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