I am curious.   I thought about this a lot.   I am talking serious questions….Not that I would get the truth or a real answer but I would love to look him the eye and ask him…” Why are you so miserable and do you feel you were raised in a loving home”?   If nothing else, he would have to think about the question.   I also would love to ask, “ What does Make America Great Again” mean?  Which era?  What time?   Do you want it to be your childhood era?  Your grandparents era?  What exactly does MAGA mean to you or is it just some catchy con slogan.  Or do you really think you are better than anyone else?   What do you think is class?   Why do you think you lie to yourself?  My one I think I like is, How hot do you think Hell is?  I mean you claim you are a Christian and yet you don’t act  Christian and the book you claim you know says “ All liars will find their place in the lake of fire” . ( You also break almost if not all the commandments).  According to your so called beliefs, you got to ask forgiveness to get out of that mess.   You don’t ask forgiveness , so how  do you feel about going from Mar a lago to a forever pit of fire with no one to blame.  You Sir are not getting any younger.  

Throw out your questions.  Maybe someone in the press pool will read it.  AND ASK.

Just pondering some things that cross my mind from time to time.

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