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If Trump were Superman…

If Donald Trump were Superman, Lois Lane would be in the hands of kidnappers.  One of the recurring themes in the plot line of superhero movies is their discretion and humility, all meant to protect their loved ones.  Donald Trump for obvious reasons, except the ones in his head, is not Clark Kent, he is not even Dean Cain. Batman protects Aunt Harriet and Spiderman protects Aunt May; Super Donald only protects himself. Pundits are rubbing their brows and looking for complicated reasons as to why Mr. Trump would reveal his willingness to collude with the Russians or Norway in his interview with George Stephanopoulos. There is one glaring exception to the superhero credo, Ironman; and the Republican party is Pepper Potts.  

Mr. Trump constantly places them in a position to defend the indefensible, create reason from lies and trash morality like an outdated ARC reactor.  It is not complicated why Mr. Trump confessed like a schoolboy caught with his hand in the cookie jar; he thinks he is smarter and sneakier than anyone else and cannot keep it to himself.  Trump has been dying to rub in the face of Democrats the Mueller Report since it was released and say, ‘nana, nana-boo-boo.’ In the clearest of terms, despite House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s attempt to say move along—nothing here to see, Donald Trump courted other countries to conspire with him, and by extension his cohorts, to break American campaign law and subvert democracy.

Unlike Pepper Potts, who had loyalty to a man whose electromagnetic heart was in the right place, the Republican party is knowingly aiding a ‘wanna-be’ despot, with no heart at all.  The Minority Leader who was once recorded saying, There’s two people I think Putin pays: [Rep. Dana] Rohrabacher [R-Calif.] and Trump, McCarthy looked like Mickey Rourke supercharging the assembled reporters with more lies.  

I know the daily marvel of the Trump Administration can only be avenged with sanity but for now a word to Speaker Pelosi, Captain Marvel is a woman.  I can hear the sighs and complaints about a do-nothing Democratic Congress led by a do-nothing leader, but Ms. Pelosi is maneuvering to fortify her armor. She is weighing a political calculation that is clouding her judgment. Trying to keep her caucus unified while at the same time using her x-ray vision to see into the future of the 2020 elections is a feat that has her frozen in time.  

The iron is hot, strike now. If the Democrats cannot take the words of a president that border on not only treachery but treason and get Mr. Trump out of office, God help us all. Mr. Trump will continue his pattern of lies, justification, and denial for as long as the people are not led out of the cosmic universe. Luckily for us, this is not a superhero movie and Donald Trump is not Kal-El.  Nancy Pelosi would be well served to remember the motto of Superman, ‘truth, justice, and the American way.’  I promise not to spoil the ending.    

Vote in 2020 for Change.

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