If Trump Gets a Rose Garden Acceptance Speech, Shouldn't All 30+ Candidates Get the Same?

If Donald Trump is allowed to use the White House Rose Garden to accept the nomination of  the Republican Party, should not Jo Jorgensen, candidate for the Libertarian Party, have that same opportunity?

The White House is public property not just Trump’s prop. Howie Hawkins of the Green Party and Don Blankenship of the Constitution Party should have equal access. And let us not forget Kayne West who is on the ballot for president in Oklahoma.

Should not Rocky De La Fuente of the Alliance Party have his speech among the roses as a candidate for America’s highest office?

There’s Phil Collins of the Prohibition Party, not the  English drummer/singer I take it, and there’s Jerome Segal of the Bread and Roses Party. A party that sounds like it could party.

And then there is the Party for Socialism and Liberation with Gloria La Riva as its candidate, a Marxist Party that received votes from about 20 states in 2016.