Donald Trump

Americans should listen to the rational Republicans willing to publicly lift the scales from their eyes, who say their brethren are cowardly. Current and former Republicans like the previous Republican National Committee Chair, Michael Steele, and former Rep. David Jolly have said over and over the current crop of GOPers are afraid of their base, loss of donations, and Twitter.   Pundits like Charlie Sykes and Amanda Carpenter have blown the warning horn until their lungs are shot. Longtime Republicans Tara Setmayer and S.E.Cupp reached such a point of frustration that before the past presidential election they both announced they would be voting for Joe Biden. The complaint from most establishment Republicans is that the party has become a cowardly group of followers, hiding behind the skirts of the people they should be leading.

Rarely does a neo-Republican venture out of the pup tent and say something more courageous than obvious. When they did or do, the knives come out. Lawmakers like the late Senator John McCain, Jeff Flake, and Mitt Romney may not have covered themselves in political glory, but at least they have decided that gaslighting would not be a part of their legacies. Even the unctuous Rep. Liz Cheney (R-Wyo) admitted the obvious and stood on a firm moral limb acknowledging and voting for former President Trump’s impeachment. Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-Ill) has been the most prominent of Republicans trying to avoid the iceberg, and look askance at those unwilling to at least man the lifeboats to save a sinking party. Republicans have made the case for fear and loathing as a political strategy for 40 years and unfortunately, it has worked more often than not.

How often did we hear Republicans say after Trump published particularly nasty tweets or made a vile speech,  I did not hear what he wrote or said.  Currently, former House Speaker, Republican John Boehner, is being offered to the public and feted by liberal media on his book promotion tour as the voice of reason. Before his history is buried under corporate and ratings greed let us remember John Boehner’s cowardice ushered in the TEA Party. When he had the chance to squelch the introduction of people and legislators whom Mr. Boehner himself now calls “Lucifer in the flesh [Ted Cruz]” he failed.

Boehner gave teary-eyed speeches in the well of the Congress about the “American people” but now that he is out of office it is too late to cry about the direction of his party. When he led the team was the time to speak out. Boehner was just as fearful despite his recent bravado as the majority of his party. Rep. Kinzinger is the only Republican to call for Rep. Matt Gaetz to resign, due to the ongoing investigation into a pay sex scandal, and if proven true, amounts to the rape of a 17-year-old teenage girl. As admirable as Kinzinger might be as the lone Republican Congressman to call for Gaetz to leave, it was predictable so many others are quiet. Democrats have stuck out their necks under fire from both sides of the aisle since FDR’s New Deal, healthcare, tax increases, military spending, and most recently racial justice. I think I’ll take my chances with the party that sacrifices perfection with bravery, not the one that thinks cowardice is admirable.

Continue to Vote for Change.

  • April 12, 2021