I needed a break from a home-improvement project and sat on the top step of my front porch in order to take it.  I pulled out my cell phone and started scrolling through the names listed there on the off chance that I'd find somebody I hadn't had a chat with in a while.

Expecting to reach the end of the list – where the customer service number is located – before I found somebody to call, I did happen upon the name of a Kossack that I hadn't spoken with in about a year.  Mostly because she NEVER calls me (hint-hint) but also because I should call her more often than I do.

So we have this conversation about all sorts of different things.  What was supposed to be a 10-minute break turned into an hour-long-plus chat about this site, some of you (all good, I swear it!), and because we are Kossacks . . . current events.

When it was over, I had promised a diary.  This is it.  I was supposed to publish it on Tuesday, but Life has other plans for us sometimes.  So while late, here it is.  It was also supposed to be titled, “What Now?”  After some thought, I decided to use the current title.

I shall now attempt to nudge you, dear reader, into taking just a little bit of action for your own good, that of your neighbors, and the nation as a whole.  You won't have to go door-to-door!  You won't have to do anything illegal!  You'll probably have a terrific time and I guarantee that you will feel really, REALLY good about yourself at the end.

Sound good so far?  Good.  Now join me below the Kospaghetti for the details.

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