If NBC Listed the White House Podium as a Source, I would Buy that Before I Believed a Trump Tweet.

There was a minor dust up in the blogosphere last night after anNBC news story came out, which stated that White House Council Don McGahn, who sat directly behind Kavanaugh during much of his Senate testimony, had taken charge of the investigation for the White House and had provided to the FBI a limited list of who they could interview, and what facets of the story they could look into.

The Mango Mao then waddled to his cellphone to tweet an obvious lie….


Even here at DKos, some seemed to believe Trump’s tweet more than NBC News’ sources.

Shortly after the dustup NBC reiterated their reporting in a piece entitled:

“Limits to FBI's Kavanaugh investigation have not changed, despite Trump's comments.

Trump’s Saturday night tweet has not changed the limits imposed by the White House counsel’s office on the FBI's Kavanaugh investigation, sources say.”

You can read it by clicking on the link below.


Let me be as clear as I can:

I don’t care if the “sources close to the investigation” are indeed the White House podium, Melania’s shoe rack, or the moth balls socked away in the portmanteau of the Lincoln Bedroom, I would give them all more credence than I would a drumpf tweet.

That is all.